10 UNIQUE gifts for the University Age / High School Boy on your List

10 UNIQUE gifts for the University Age / High School Boy on your List

It’s been said before and I will say it again, I LOVE all holidays.  BUT – nothing holds a more special place in my heart than CHRISTMAS!!!  I am a Christmas fanatic.  Not the put up the tree before Halloween fanatic, but the patiently waiting puppy at the back door kind of fanatic.  After Remembrance Day, my tail is wagging and I’m salivating for the go-ahead to start the holiday preparations.  Everything about the holiday gets me excited.  I love the baking, the shopping, the wrapping, finding that PERFECT present and waiting with bated breath for the lucky recipient to open it.  When the kids were younger, I could barely contain my excitement on Christmas Eve.  I could hardly wait to see their faces when they opened their gifts.  My philosophy on the Christmas gift came from my mom and is two-fold.  First,  find something you know they will love, that is NOT on their list and second, get that one thing they REALLY REALLY want but don’t think you will ever buy! 🙂

Don’t we ALL have that Christmas present story?   The one where you searched high and low for the “toy of the year” or that special something your child wanted, that you just COULD NOT find.  The story that has you out on Christmas Eve until the stores close.  I’ve got my story, stay tuned… Continue reading “10 UNIQUE gifts for the University Age / High School Boy on your List”

So Easy, Vietnamese Pho Noodle Soup

I am pretty sure that I drive my family absolutely bonkers with the question of  ‘What do you feel like for dinner?’..It is an obsession, feeding the family.  I used to be really good at meal planning, but it seems like I fall off that wagon all the time then scramble last minute to figure something out.


Maybe this is why…

My Post (25).jpg

So when someone finally gives me a idea for dinner, I jump at it!!  So today, when I asked that question, rather then saying ‘I don’t know’, My husband said ‘I feel like some Pho’..

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Baby Mine…

Baby Mine…

Musings are my favourite way to connect in this crazy “blog” world.  I think it really is part therapy – knowing that other moms are going through the same drama and trials that I am – and part release, cause often some of the things I am going through, I just don’t need to bore my entire family with.  Or, perhaps I have already worn my family out with my crazy obsessions over various things and this is an alley that allows me to get it all out.  They DO say journaling is so beneficial.  But this time, I felt a little different.  I had a bit of writers block trying to explain my feelings without sounding like a total psycho, and hurting any adolescent feelings in the process.  But here it goes…

Our baby is becoming a woman.

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