Three NEW Hormone Balancing Smoothies

Three NEW Hormone Balancing Smoothies

January brings all things healthy and virtuous to the forefront – so we are doing our part with three hormone balancing smoothies to kick off the new year.

It seems we are programmed to think about a healthy start to the new year – goals and or resolutions are made and promises to eat more greens and add healthy new items to our diets get added to our “to-do” list.

In that vein, as we age we are also fighting our hormones and dealing with the onset of menopause in addition to dealing with our teens fighting their own hormonal battles 🙂

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Revelations from an Almost Empty Nester

Revelations from an Almost Empty Nester

You know that saying ‘Be careful what you wish for’? We joke as parents that we can’t wait until our kids are out of the house. With one child away at school. One very independent almost 18 year old. I am now trying to take back those words. Revelations from an Almost Empty Nester.

Most would describe an empty nest as that point where your children have grown and left home to not move back in. But you can become ‘almost empty nesters’ when your kids move away for school to come back part time. Or when you have kids/young adults still living at home while working or going to school. And really they are just using your water, electricity, food and bed.

This last September our household had a dramatic change. One leaving to go away for school and one basically on her own living schedule. To be honest, at first I really enjoyed not being busy and scheduled on weekdays and weekends. But now four months in, I am finding that an empty calendar and somewhat empty home is well..a little scary.

Empty nesters, no what?
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Our Top Blog Posts for the Year 2019

Our Top Blog Posts for the Year 2019

Well that time has come when we look back and reflect on the past year. This has been our full one year of blogging. Yay!! So we thought we would bring to you our top blog posts for the year 2019.

We have had some that went top shelf and some that totally missed the net (Sorry about the bad hockey reference ;)).

We have learned so much over the year.

  • Pinterest – It isn’t just pretty pictures
  • SEO – That’s Search Engine Optimization, I know we had no idea what it was either.
  • Photography Skills – Well we are still working on that, but we definitely have improved over the year.
  • Content Planning – Timing is everything

So without further ado, here are the Top Blog Posts for the Year 2019 as compiled through our readers.

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