So here we are…MAY 1st!

We have taken the plunge, jumped off the proverbial cliff into the world of blogging, and “gramming” and well….to be damn blunt, the world of “putting it all out there.”

A strange thing for our generation to be sure.  We are 70’s babies (barely) and the world of the internet really only became reality in our 20’s. Since then, it has been hard to keep up with the pace of the changes we see on practically a monthly basis in terms of technology and communication – never mind the rather disturbing (!!) trend of oversharing .  We recently joked that our teen daughters are mesmerized by watching You Tube videos of someone putting on their makeup, taking off their makeup and showing their “followers” what they bought at the mall –  and the boys, well, they just watch videos of boys being boys ;). And who can overlook those cringeworthy selfies they all do every five seconds, courtesy of Snap Chat.

Of course, while we DON’T get it, at the same time we DO get it.  This is THEIR world, and with it comes an entire new set of problems and luxuries they need to navigate and accept.

But who says these old (er) ladies can’t join in on the fun?

We are Danielle (aka Danni) and Christine (aka Christine) and this is our new venture.   Our 5 teenage children between us were incredulous that we would even know what a blog was!  Our husbands gave us the “Go for It” pep talk but secretly, they probably WERE wondering what a blog was.  And US???   Well… we got this… right?

Welcome to Mojo + Moxie.  

Mojo = Confidence, Charisma – a little magic in your treasure trove.  Not something you feel at 20, or perhaps even 30.  You need to grow into it, feel comfortable in your skin…be who you are and own it.  That is MOJO.  

Moxie = Sass, courage, spunk, determination, attitude.  Some are born with it and they live it through every pore in their bodies but most – most grow into it with age.  Less concerned about the judging eyes of others, you are ready to show who you are, who you are meant to be.  That is MOXIE

*on a side note the Urban dictionary does have another definition of MOXIE as a “hot chick, or possibly a hoe” but unless we have a bunch of young men in their early 20’s reading this blog, I think it is safe to say we can go with the above noted definition… 🙂

I don’t know about you, but when we hear both of those words, it incites possibility.  It makes us feel like we can do anything – that we are ready to take on the world, even if our world as we know it is changing, and fast.  We have something to say, we have things to share.  And while we won’t be sharing our “haul from the mall” nor will we be doing You Tube videos of us getting ready for bed, we do hope that what we share allows you a moment with your coffee or tea, (or hell ya, a glass of vino), some helpful advice, a new recipe, something to think about and in the end a little joy, and a smile.  

For the first few months you can expect a post from us twice a week and follow us on Instagram to see what is coming!

Meet you here…every Tuesday at 6am.  And we won’t even judge if you wear your dirty sweats.


Want to know more about us?  Visit the About Us section, leave us a message or comment on our posts – we want to know more about you too!