Is Your Gas Tank Empty?

Something struck me as I read this quote the other day…Self care is something you have to claim.  It is important to take some time for yourself, even it is a few minutes to take a few deep breaths.  Claim that time.  This is a practice that I know I need to work on. How about you?

Our days can get a little crazy with ‘life’.. But, like a car, if your gas tank is empty, your engine will not run.  Like most moms out there, I am always putting the needs of others before mine because that is what we do.  I know that if my kids or husband need me, that comes first in my world.  That does come with me being put last on the list.  When we start to feel run down and tired, that is when we know it is time to re-fill the tank.

I remember when my kids were little, my self care was the two minutes I had to go to the washroom.  I barely took a deep breath before someone was calling me for something.  Bedtimes were are always pretty regimental for me as this time after they went to bed was for me.  More often then not, this time was a relaxing bath and then to bed for mama..

Today, I am really trying to get some me time in now that the kids are older.  Some things I do to get some self care:

Massage – Every 6 weeks or so I really try to get this hour into my schedule.  Although sometimes it isn’t so relaxing as my therapist seems to always find those tight spots, it is a hour where I can turn off the phone and focus on me. There are so many benefits of massage.  It isn’t just for tight muscles.  Massage can boost immunity, improve sleep, relieve headaches, etc, etc…


Yoga – This is a new practice for me, but I know if I miss a day or two, my body tells me I need to get back at it.  A few times a week for 30  minutes, I take the time to close the door on the world around me, breath and be present with myself and body. It is hard to turn off the mind of all those things going on in there, but I try.  That is why they call yoga a ‘practice’.  We practice until things work for us.

Reading – Especially in the summer, when I usually have more time, I like to take a good book and relax in the sun and read. Or even better if I am by a lake…

Current Read…If you have not read this series, you have to pick it up…


A Good Walk – a 30 minute walk a day, yes just 30 minutes can benefit you in ways you never thought. Among other great things, it improves mood, boosts your energy, helps to balance hormones and in the summer, you can get the daily dose of Vitamin D.



So here are a few things that I like to do to get some self care in..If you don’t make time for yourself, it is important to find that time.

And if you do practice self care, what do you do to look after you??!!




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