Three cool Moves to add a KICK to your Workout

I like to workout. There – I said it. I really like the way it makes me feel.  I like how I use it as my own morning meditation, and I like the time to myself. So – I thought – why not bring you three cool moves to add a kick to your workout?!

For the past 10 years, I can say that I have worked out almost 6 days a week.  If this is NOT you – congrats. You are normal and understand balance – something that I am still trying to achieve in my old age (!) – and that is an entire other blog post.

Over the years I go through peaks and valleys –  times my workouts become mundane and I am searching hard to see the benefits and keep in perspective that I can’t have that 25 year old body I used to have. As I age, I am certainly getting thicker in the middle and I’m really fighting that muscle mass reduction that goes hand in hand with getting older.

My goals are a little different now.   don’t need to train like an athlete – I just need to be mindful of my health, maintain muscle tone and flexibility and enjoy it. Workout fatigue is a real thing.  You can’t do the same thing over and over and expect different results. I think that is the definition of insanity, right?  

So, I am always on the lookout for cool fitness accounts on insta, and health inspired blogs for ideas – inspiring people, with great new moves. To be honest, it IS hard to find something that really makes me take notice. But I recently found Kira Stokes. I love her philosophy that your strength comes from the core and all of her exercises really fire up that part of the body.

Today, I will share three new moves she incorporates in many of her workouts – that I have added to MY workouts.

These are short, quick exercises you can add to either your core workout, or at the end of  a cardio day!

**  I will preface this by saying I am by no means a fitness expert.  If we were having a conversation about working out over coffee, these are some new ideas I would offer – they might not work for you – hell – you may not even want to try them – but they worked for me and that’s what Mojo and Moxie is all about!


 chest, shoulders, triceps and CORE (which incorporates traverse abdominis, erector spinae, obliques and your lower lats). These muscles work as stabilizers for the entire body and we get in some sneaky quads as well!

A cool move to add a KICK to your workout

Start on your mat in push up position  (a full plank.)  Hands wider than shoulder width.  I put my hands on either side of the mat which works perfect for me.

IMG_3623 2

Drop down to the bottom of your push up and hover over the mat about 2 inches.

3 moves to add a kick to your workout

Push back, bending your knees and straightening out your arms, so your weight is transferred over to your feet.  You are on your toes and your knees are NOT touching the ground.  You are hovering!

3 moves to add a kick to your workout

Roll your body up through downward dog and around – back to your push up (plank) starting position.

3 moves to add a kick to your workout
3 moves to add a kick to your workout

I will say – I KNOW these suckers work.  When I first attempted these, I could do the push up, but could not do the roll back AT ALL.  Now, over time, I can do 8 no problem.  And I will say I am not a push up gal.  Hate them.  So this is a nice modification for me for sure.  You will feel these!  I would recommend 3 sets.


(okay – I think these are actually referred to as PANTHER walks, but calling them Cougar walks makes me giggle, and who doesn’t need a giggle during a workout? OK – well if you’ve had kids you might not want to giggle during a workout for fear of peeing just a little, but I digress)

FULL ON CORE ASSAULT and your QUADS will be quaking too

A cool new move to add a KICK to your workout

Start in plank position on the mat.  hmmm – this seems familiar…

Pull in your feet, bending your knees and getting into a crouching or pouncing position.

Using your right hand and right foot take two steps to the side – moving laterally.

Straighten your knees going back to plank.  Repeat with the left side (or going back to where you came from!)

Notice how flat my back is in these photos – this is key.  You want to keep your butt down, lats engaged, tummy in.  Think table top and you are on the right track!

When you get back to the middle, you have completed one round.  You will be shocked at how this hits your core but the most shocking is how much you will feel this in your quads. YOWZA


A cool move to add a KICK to your workout

Start in plank position (are we seeing a bit of a pattern here??) with your selected dumbbell.  I use 8lbs for these, but whatever works for you.

This time have your feet a little wider, and your hands a little closer together so you create a nice stable starting point.

Do a tricep kickback on each arm.

Letting go of the weight, pull your legs up to standing in a squat position and do one squat jump with your arms overhead.

3 moves to add a kick to your workout

Make sure you have your weight on your heels for this so you really work your butt.

Jump back down to your starting plank position.

I think doing this exercise for about a minute,  then taking a 30 second break between sets is the way to go.  BUT – you could always set a goal of 8 or 10 – take a 30 second break and repeat.

This exercise actually really gets your heart rate up, works SO many body parts and you will be shocked at how hard this is.

As you can see – all three of these exercises work out of plank position, so you are really hitting that core without having to do the traditional “sit-up” routine.   Sneaky abs and real results.

If you love these moves, you might want to try Kira’s workouts – I personally love them and her style of teaching.  You can find her HERE

It doesn’t matter where you are coming from – it matters where you are going!  Seize the day!


If you are looking for other great workouts – particularly for women over 40 – check out our Q and A with AMY JOHNSTON or our post on the fitness EVOLUTION.

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