Back to School and the Dreaded….Lunches


It is hard to believe that the ‘little darlings’ will be back to school in a week although some may have already start back. Back to our regular scheduled routines and activities and back to the..DA DA DA…”DREADED LUNCHES”.  If there is one thing I do dread about back to school is the lunches.  It is finding something that the kids will eat but not overdo it so they won’t eat it again.  So variety, variety, variety….

With me only having one child left to worry about for school lunches, with my oldest graduating last year, I still find myself racking my brain on what to make her.

As now with being a teen, the cute little bento box idea with the assortment of food and snacks, is just not cool..:)

Now I know every year, I say ‘I am not making your lunch this year’… Well, we all know how that goes and three days into the week, there I am making lunch..Okay I may be ‘that mom’ but when I see what the kids pack or don’t pack, the holistic nutritionist in me can’t not jump in and make their lunch for them.  I know, I know they are in high school and are very capable of making their own lunch and once they graduate I won’t do it anymore. Yah, right!! ;).  But lunch really is an important meal at school as it important for brain function and energy levels..The teachers will thank me!!

So here I sit with only one child to worry about and she is the easy one to feed but still sweating over what to buy and make for lunch..  She does not like sandwiches (they get soggy) and won’t take anything in a thermos (too bulky) and some salads get wilty.  So here lies my challenge..

On previous posts, we have provided some good options for lunches: (click for links back to the original post)

But for the sake of this blog post, I am going to go with the Roast Chicken Panini Wrap..Easy to make the night before and can be eaten cold or warmed up.

Back to School dreaded lunches

What you need:

  • Whole wheat or sprouted grain tortillas
  • Chicken ( great way to used leftover chicken but if you don’t have that, a busy moms best friend is a roast chicken from the grocery store.  It will work in a pinch)

Back to School dreaded lunches

  • Veggie (lettuce, avocado, peppers, tomatoes.  Really whatever you can get in there and the kids will eat)
  • Cheese

Back to School dreaded lunches

  • Some form of condiment (I used mustard with a squeeze of honey for a little sweetness)

Roll it up and place on the hot ‘Griddler’ or panini press.  Heat until heated through. place in your re-usable lunch container.  Add some fruit, maybe a muffin or healthy cookie and a water bottle and you have lunch…You may want to double up on the panini for the growing teens 🙂

We don’t always have to overthink lunch.  It just a bit of planning and prep will help to make everyone’s life a bit easier..

Back to School dreaded lunches

We would love to hear your ideas for school lunches, so please comment below.


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