Do The Holidays Stress You Out? Tips on Staying Stress Free and Staying Healthy for the Holidays

Christmas is only 35 days away  and I feel like I am in that commercial you see on TV.. You know the one by the well known Swedish furniture company..

“The people are coming, the people are coming”..As the husband and wife frantically clean their house and make everything perfect.

Christmas is coming, Christmas is coming!!!!

Yep and it comes every year at the same time and we still get stressed out about it. We want everything to be perfect…Decorating, baking, parties to go to, gifts to buy, dinners to host, etc, etc.. We tend to eat to much, drink to much and sleep less.  That is a bad mixture of making you stress out more and then, every year we crash, right about the 26th and end up getting sick and spend the next few days in bed or on the couch watching Netflix.  Sounds like a fun Christmas, right..

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So today I am going to pass on a few tips to help you get through the holidays, well maybe not stress free but less stress and hopefully keep you healthy as well.

First of all, and I know we have heard it all before.  Do not sweat the small stuff. You have planned, shopped, baked, made your list and checked it twice.  And you know what, no one is going to notice that you forgot to buy the special Christmas crackers this year, you know the ones with the usable gifts inside 😉


Don’t worry about eating that extra Christmas cookie, that extra glass (or bottle of wine ;)), or the second helping of Christmas dinner.  I know once January comes, we feel like we have gained 10 lbs, but studies have shown that on average we actually gain less then we think during the holiday season.

Try to keep to your regular sleep pattern and activity levels.  If you workout everyday or every second day, then make sure you stick to your scheduled workout.  Lack of sleep and lower activity levels can definitely attribute to your higher stress levels.

Alternate water between alcoholic drinks.  Not only does this help to keep you hydrated and flush the alcohol through your body, so you don’t wake up hungover or less hungover, it will slow down the amount of alcoholic drinks you are consuming over time.

At parties or family gatherings, choose the vegetables and protein first to fill you up rather then the sugary treats.

Do not go to a party hungry.  If you can, have a small healthy snack before you go then you won’t be tempted to eat everything in sight that looks good!!

Take a good quality multivitamin, probiotic and a B-Complex.  These supplements are a must for me during the holidays just for the extra re-assurance. Multivitamin for some extra antioxidants and immune boost, probiotics to keep that gut healthy and B-complex to help those stress levels stay balanced.  Keeping your stress levels down will also help keep your immunity up.

Take some time for yourself.  Between all the planning know that it is ok to have a day or even a few hours, if that is all you can fit in, for yourself.

Even Santa needs to de-Stress….


I know when the kids were little and excited for Santa and their presents and we as parents loved seeing the look on their face when they opened their gift.  You know that gift, the one that was only thing in the whole world that mattered (well, for a few hours anyways), that it is all worth the stress…and it was.  But as we get older, we appreciate the time and the experiences we have with them more then anything.

So I hope that you can all take a few minutes this Christmas to enjoy the time you spend with your family, stay healthy and are less stressed.

But until then, there is only 35 days until Christmas..

WHAT??!!  I better get my butt in gear and start planning, decorating, baking and shopping…



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