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Setting a self imposed schedule of getting my Christmas shopping done prior to December 1 always gets sidelined with my troubles of finding a gift (and / or stocking stuffers) for my main man.   Somehow, the kids get top billing, followed by family, teachers, hostess gifts etc.  I always keep my hubby to the end.  For the most part, this is because I find it so hard to come up with unique gifts to “thrill and surprise!”  🙂

This year, I have attempted to reverse the order of my gift buying and get the tough one out of the way first.  My reasoning is two-fold.  It seems I can be “done” for the kids in November, but somehow I keep seeing little things that I just can’t resist.  It is my new plan that I will spend less money if I keep them for last…we shall see how that goes.  The other side to my reasoning is that I will get my toughest purchase out of the way first.  In our house, we try to stick to just stockings (although every once in awhile, a gift sized stocking stuffer gets thrown in the mix).  I have been scouring the stores, writing my notes, and trying to keep all different interests in mind.  Check out the list – here’s hoping you see something unique or something that sparks an idea for your “other half,” or one of the men in your life!


I know, I know – any kind of “Of The Month Club” seems cheesy – and believe me, I would never have tried this, until a friend told me he has purchased this for his dad for Father’s Day for the past several years.  They are reliable, fantastic selections and unique.  AND – for the procrastinator out there, you can purchase this as late as Christmas morning, and your gift receiver will get an email with all the “deets.”  I have purchased this for my hubby numerous times, and he is always disappointed when they finish (you can buy 3 month, 6 month, 1 year type subscriptions), and they also offer other “of the month” ideas such as gourmet  cheeses, chocolates and flowers.  They do offer wine and beer, but I am not sure on the shipping to Canada…

Check them out HERE


STUFF for HIM – Magisso Ice Bucket and Tongs

Located at 709 11 AVENUE SOUTHWEST, CALGARY, AB T2R 0E3, CANADA  403-209-2606

I love this YYC store, and who doesn’t like to support a local business.  For those of you not in YYC, they have a convenient online boutique, but seriously – if you can visit this store, you should.  A testosterone laden cozy shop, this place has some serious guy stuff.

Check out one of my favs – this super masculine, but sleek and functional – keeps your ice cold for 2 – 4 hours… but this is far from the only cool unique thing you will find for your guy!

Check it out HERE


CHEMEX – for the coffee snob

In our house it is all about wine, but I do know that there are many that feel about coffee,  how I feel about wine.  SO, for those coffee crazed, and wanting to experience the new “pour over coffee craze” they can enjoy at their own home, just the way they want it!


Check it out HERE

PRADA Saffiano Leather Belt

Every house seem to have that male fashionista…the one searching for the latest in designer wares.   I am covering most price points here in this addition of the male gift guide, and this is a hefty one.   But, if you are willing to bite the bullet, your fashionista will not be disappointed.  Guaranteed.

I personally like this first one, because the logo is subtle and  I feel like it is pretty versatile.  I know this would be a hit in my house 🙂



or check out HOLT RENFREW for their latest selection of designer belts…you won’t be disappointed!


In the last few years, with the insurgence of the craft beer trend, growlers have become all the rage.  If the man in your life is a “fine”beer lover, he will appreciate this special growler, custom made for him!  Available in copper (my personal fav), matte black and stainless steel, this is truly a cool gift he will appreciate!


Check it out HERE


I love everything about these bags including the fact that the brand was born and bred in good ol’ Canada (Vancouver, to be exact!)  These bags are well made, just fun enough, and will stand the test of time.

I love this Classic Novel Cross Hatch Duffel Bag for travel – perfect for a weekend trip.  This bag will be loved by any age group on your list.


FIND it here

EMBER Temperature Controlled Travel Mug

Ok – so this SEEMS a little high maintenance for me, but apparently, this travel mug (also available in a ceramic version) is all the rage this Christmas season.  Connect this sucker to the app, and it keeps your coffee your desired temperature from the first sip to the last drop.  If you have a tech savvy, coffee drinker in your home who LOVES a hot beverage, this might just be the unique gift you are looking for…





Who doesn’t love a gift with a charitable angle?

From the creators:  The Giving Toque aims to keep people warm. For every 100% Made In Canada toque sold, Local Laundry will donate one to a homeless organization across Canada.  Keep your head warm while giving back at the same time.  It doesn’t get much easier than that!

This toque is available at many local shops in Canada.  BUT if you are in the Calgary area, check out Liz and Lottie.  Located in the newly revitalized East Village, this shop is brimming with fun, local, and unique items for everyone on your list.

Find Liz and Lottie at 537 RIVERFRONT AVE SE  CALGARY, AB or online at

Local_Laundry_Giving_Toque2_470x.jpegFind this cool toque here


For the golfer who has everything – did you know that golf is no longer the completely silent game??  Well – of course, for the serious, tournament golfer it is, but if you have a golfer like mine, they almost NEED the distraction of a little music and some fun beats.  This bluetooth speaker attaches to the golf cart and has all sorts of cool features!

Find it here

SNEAKER LAB Premium Shoe Care Kit

The sneaker has made a resurgence in all age groups.  And these are not the sneakers of our past.  Our gentlemen are spending the big bucks on fancy sneakers of all brands.  Dirty sneakers are not cool.  Help your man keep them clean with this premium sneaker cleaning kit.



Ok – so we’ve got you started – no excuses…


As always, keep us smiling and entertained with your stories, comments, and suggestions – we live for that stuff

Until next time…



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