Wine at Christmas..Here are some of our favs!!

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It isn’t a secret that Christine and I like to indulge in a glass or two or three of wine every now and then.  Christine loves her more full bodied reds and lately I have been a white and rosé fan.  So between us, we have compiled some of our favorites that you might want to have around and try for the holidays.

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Cherry Pie – Pinot Noir (Stanly Ranch)

  • Very rarely do you find such a full bodied Pinot Noir.  But here it is.  Flavours of raspberry jam, baked strawberries and a hint of cherry with a finish of cranberry makes this a great red to have with turkey dinner.


Amarone Zenato – Veneto, Italy

  • This one is a special red and should be savoured. Full bodied and smooth but also described as big and powerful.  Flavours of blackberry, dried fruit and chocolate. Yummy!!  Great with steak or lamb but also great with hamburger soup or brie.


Bogle Phantom – Blend

  • Blends are all the rage right now and why not combine some of the best grapes for max flavours.  The full bodied Phantom provides the aromas of sweet fig, anise and a touch of spice with black pepper.  Goes great with anything really and good to have on hand for that couples dinner.


Now onto some lighter wines….

Chasselas, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris (Quails Gate)

  • Also a blend of white grapes, this is a staple in our house all year round.  Fresh, fruit forward with aromas of orchard fruit, lime cordial, spring blossoms and a nice citrus finish.  For those who still like to have a white with turkey, chicken or fish, in my opinion, you can’t go wrong with the Chasselas.


Santos Da Casa Rosé (Portugal)

  • This New Old World Wine, was an instant hit with me. Rosé’s have made quite a splash over the last few years. And they aren’t just for the summer anymore.  They can be enjoyed all year round.  The Santos is light, fresh and fruity but not too sweet.  Would be a great addition to the holiday dinner table this year.


And last but not least, we can not forget the bubbly wines

La Marca Prosecco ( Veneto, Italy)

Always a good idea to have a Prosecco around.  For those of you who are not great fans of the traditional champagne, Prosecco sparkling wine is a great alternative.  Fresh flavours of apple, peach and honeysuckle.  This is one to have for the holidays, special occasions or just if you get that feeling to have a little sparkle in your day!


Well there you have it, a few of our favorites.  We hope that you try one of them and as always give us your comments.  If you have a favorite that you would like to share with us, please comment below as we always like to try new wines.  Who knows it may become one of our new favorites!!


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