GRATEFUL..That is my word for 2019.

Over the last seven months, Christine and I have shared with you our favorite recipes, places to travel, fashion, wellness and fitness tips, parenting fails, family traditions and of course some of our favorite wines. We have also opened our hearts and shared with you some opinions, thoughts and fears of our everyday life.

As we close off the 2018 year and head into 2019, I wanted to reflect on what I am grateful for. I know this is typically a time of resolutions for the new year ( what to start and what to stop) but really do you need that date of January 1st to start or end something in our lives. If you want to make a change, Do It..Damn It!! There is no need to wait to make a resolution for it.

So here are a few things I am grateful for:

My health: about 15 years ago, I made a conscious change in my health and wellness. Having my Dad pass away from cancer (as well as 3 of his siblings), made me think about how we live, what we put in and on our bodies and the environment we live in. So I made a change for me and my family to be the healthiest we could be to enjoy our lives to the fullest and we work on it everyday. My Motto is 80/20 rule ( and sometimes this is 60/40 but that is ok too!)

My family: to my husband who thinks I am crazy but always supports me in anything I want to do. My kids who make me crazy, but they also make me laugh so hard, I cry. I am very lucky to be their mom and they have grown up to become somewhat normal young adults, I think??

My friends: You know who you are…Some of you I do not see regularly, although we should but…I know, life happens. You all make me want to be a better person, wife, mom ,sister and most of all friend.

And lastly, I am very grateful that Christine and I took this plunge into a unknown world of blogging and social media this year. We have laughed, learned and met so many people on and offline and have forged a community of women ‘our age’, (you know that over 40 crowd), who are moving into the next stage of our lives. Dealing with teens, children leaving home and our own hormone roller coaster. Realizing that we are not alone, we all go through trials and tribulations of the same things in life. As much as we want to be perfect (or as perfect as Instagram), we are trying to bring to you everyday life and it isn’t perfect but can definitely be fun!

So be grateful for everyday and embrace those imperfections and have fun.

We are so grateful that you have decided to join us on our journey. What started as a small idea, Mojo and Moxie has grown to something more then we have ever expected. We have a lot of great things cooking up…So stay tuned you won’t want to miss this 🙂

Here’s to an amazing 2019. What are you grateful for?



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