Chicken Brie Sandwich – Lunch or Dinner

Not sure why sandwiches are such a big hit in our house but they are. Maybe all the flavor in one bite or that fact that we get to eat with our hands 😉

I have a few sandwich recipes in my repertoire that work great for a quick and easy dinner or even lunch. But this one is always the first one on the list.

This ‘copycat’ meal from a local Canadian restaurant chain is a huge hit in our house. I think it might be the fig spread or could be the brie…The apples?

..Okay it is the brie combo with the fig spread and apples…either way, it is delicious.


This recipe is super easy but looks very gourmet, for a sandwich. We didn’t have an actual recipe for it but rather just went by taste and its description.


Chicken breast, ciabatta bread/buns, brie (of course), apples, spinach or arugula (our choice), garlic mayo, fig spread.


Grill your chicken breast.

While that is grilling, you will make a quick garlic mayo (mince 1-2 cloves of garlic, add to approx 2/3 cup of mayo, squeeze of lemon). Set aside

Slice the apple into slices and place in a foil pack with a sprinkle of cinnamon. Place the foil pack in the oven for approx 15 minutes until the apple is soft.

Slice the brie.

The once the chicken is cooked, slice into thin slices. Now we are ready to assemble.

Spread some fig spread on one half and garlic mayo on the other.

Then you will layer the chicken, greens, apple and brie ( in no particular order) on the ciabatta bread.

Daughter size sandwich 🙂
Son size sandwich 🙂

Now at this point some may choose to put it under the broiler so that the cheese melts. Your choice. But we can’t wait that long to eat this yummy sandwich.

Make sure to grill extra chicken as the leftover work great as tomorrow’s lunch 🙂

Enjoy ( for half the cost as going out to eat it)!!!


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