Valentines Day and Chocolate Cake

Valentines Day Dessert

The other day, I was getting this blog post prepared and having a discussion on Valentines Day with my family. My son mentioned, “remember when we would have steak and lobster for dinner?..Can we do that again? Sure!!

Many years ago my husband and I decided that we would forego the typical Valentines Day date night and make it an in home dinner with the kids. We would make something special that we do not typically eat. So we picked lobster and hey why not get you kids aged 4 and 6 hooked on lobster. ;).. The best part of the dinner was always dessert and I would make everyone their own heart shaped chocolate cake..

And this is where my cake story begins….

I decided this year I was going to make my flourless chocolate cake that everyone loves and they do not even know it is flourless. I usually make this in a springform pan but wanted to use my valentine molds instead. What could go wrong? Famous last words. It all went well until it was time to remove them from the pan. STUCK!! The cake was stuck to the bottom. I had forgotten to line with some parchment paper. DOH!! The cakes still tasted amazing. They just didn’t look so good.

Looks good!!
Not so good 🙁

So back to the drawing boards. This time I decided to dig deep into my recipes and I pulled out my son’s Grade 10 FOODS booklet…Whacky Cake!! Of course 🙂

See Notes Below
Yes, I have saved these booklets in hope that he may have cooked something at home….Still waiting 🙂

So simple and quick even a teenage boy could make it.

Mix the dry ingredients together and make a well.
Add the wet ingredients.
Put into your cake pans and bake.
Yes, these turned out much better!

Then I needed to jazz it up a bit as I didn’t want to make just a regular icing. I headed on my internet search and found A Pretty Life in the Suburbs. A great blog with so many great ideas, recipes. You name it, she has it on her blog. I came upon a whipped dessert recipe she had for Valentines Day and thought this would be great as a frosting to the cakes..She calls it Cupid’s Cloud. Whipping cream, some sugar, vanilla and chopped frozen rasperries. Perfect!

The finished product

Literally this whole process took about an hour to do. So if you are looking for a last minute fun dessert for the family, you might want to give this one a try.

**NOTE: I did use a gluten free flour blend and it still turned out great! I also used coconut oil instead of the canola oil and used cane sugar and cut back to 3/4 cup. For the cupids cloud frosting, I used a frozen mixed berry blend**

Happy Valentines Day



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  1. It was just the thing my chocolate cake needed!! And we love your blog as well. So many great ideas 🙂 XO

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