Five Spring Trends for over 40 and fabulous women – High / Low looks for every budget

We heard you! Women are asking us… what are the Spring and Summer trends for over 40 women this year? Well, it was just our luck that our friends at Holt Renfrew held a “Trends Week” at the end of March and we got the scoop for you AND some time to style our fav looks with a few of their personal shoppers. Now, while most of us can’t shop off the runway, there are a few ways to get that over 40 and fabulous look, at the price you want. High / low dressing WORKS! Pair an investment piece with a more budget friendly piece – or find that perfect “look a like” in one of the trendy stores in the mall. Everyone can ROCK these new trends at any price point. Lucky us, Holt Renfrew showed us their beautiful, high end goods. Feeling super inspired, here is the scoop!

Trend: Red, Red and More Red

Why fit in, when you were born to stand out? Dr. Seuss

It seems that as we age, we shy away from colour. I don’t know if we want to just blend in with the masses, or what – but I am loving this new red trend. It is perfect as we age! Nothing like a bright bold colour to add some life to your wardrobe and why not rock RED? Colour in general is BIG this year with the runway showing head to toe red. And who hasn’t noticed the recent inclination for designers to pair red and hot pink together? WOW. While you may not be ready for an entire red ensemble, Danni and I fell in love with this RED (!!) Valentino dress and jacket at Holt Renfrew. This one took will power not to take home with me. I love how embroidered denim can just elevate an outfit and take it to a whole new level.

Find the jacket HERE. Find the dress HERE

I could actually see myself wearing this with a little pair of white sneakers maybe out for lunch, or dinner in the summer…super cute, and the jean jacket makes it current and fun.

The Look for Less

These cute dresses are all available at Nordstrom right now – ON SALE! Check out the dress here (red) and the adorable embroidered jacket here

Trend: Psychedelic Prints

If you are a child of the 70’s, the patterns we are seeing in the stores now are very reminiscent of what our parents might have worn… wild prints, crazy colours and (it seems) anything goes! I love the wild freedom you seem to have with this trend. Although I may not be ready to don a printed pyjama style jumpsuit, I think this trend is perfect for the over 40 fashionista willing to take a little risk! 😉

Is this not gorgeous? This Kenzo dress can be found HERE and those beautifully detailed Prada kitten heels? HERE

The Look for Less

Maggie London Dress - Melanie Lynn
Find the dress HERE

And then accessorize…

Find the bag HERE and the shoes HERE

TREND: Summer Getaway

Because of my vacation plans this year (a trip to Greece sans kids to celebrate our 20 year anniversary), this trend has me the MOST excited. Polka dots, frills, ruffles, excess fabric and just an all round summery vibe is what all experts are pointing to for this year. I love the beautiful vibrant colours and the relaxed, almost bohemian feel of the things Holt Renfrew showed us. I could imagine myself walking through little Greek towns with the sparkling ocean in the midst wearing this outfit…

Find the dress at Holt Renfrew in Canada or HERE and find the shoes HERE

The Look for Less

Find the dress HERE. Find the handbag HERE. Find the shoes HERE. Find the black shoes HERE

TREND: 90’s Revival

The 90’s? Possibly Danni’s favourite fashion decade – which is why she is LOVING this hot pink nod to the florescent colours of our youth! AND who doesn’t love a luxurious, perfectly fitting Smythe blazer matched up for spring with some white jeans and the perfect pump? This trend really is about bringing back some of our favs from the 90’s and making them work in a current way. Denim skirts, and various adult forms of the “overall” are also making the rounds. Anything bright, neon? Yes please. This is all part of this 90’s revival. Now, here is where I am noticing my age comes into play. While the neon k-way might be making the rounds once again, no longer is that in my wheelhouse. I will take my fashion cues as Danni has and rock the trend age appropriately…

Shop the Blazer Here Shop the Jeans Here Shop the Shoes Here

The Look for Less

Find the jeans HERE. Find the shoes HERE. Find the Blazer HERE.

TREND: Borrowed from the Boys

For me, this is a trend I can get my head around – and to be quite frank, that I think I have incorporated in my style for years (either I was ahead of the curve or way behind it!) This trend is long slouchy unstructured blazers, white mens styled dress shirts, funky heavy runners, and big bold double breasted suits. Borrowed from the boys but with a feminine flair.

Danni and I had so much fun creating this look in the personal shopping space at Holts. While the younger crowd can get away with just about anything, we put together an outfit how WE would rock the trend. An oversized Smythe blazer, a funky rocker tee, a pair of black skinny jeans and some “not TOO big” Alexander McQueen sneakers made the cut. While our daughters may have chosen a chunkier Balenciaga version of the sneaker, both Danni and I agreed that we would be more comfy rocking the trend in a more subtle way…

Find the Blazer HERE Find the jeans HERE Find the sneakers HERE and of course the Bag HERE

The Look for Less

Find the blazer HERE. Find the denim HERE. Find the Sneakers HERE and the Bag HERE

Of course, there are many other cool trends happening right now – another one Holt Renfrew pointed to is The Utility Trend – can you say “Belt bag?” As we get older, rocking the trends gets better because we have experience. We know what looks good on us, what works and what doesn’t, and we are prepared to pick and choose from the trends that work – not just pile them all on at once as we might have in our teen years. See – things DO get better with AGE!

Enjoy your shopping this spring / summer season. If I could give any advice, it would be to buy the best quality you can on basic timeless pieces. They CAN last a lifetime. And indulge the trends that work and you love.

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