Scotch – Five Great Options for Father’s Day

So I ask the million dollar question??..What do we get our Dad’s/husbands for Father’s day. Long gone for us are the homemade gifts that the kids would bring home from school, the tacky ties, fancy socks or World’s Greatest Dad coffee mugs. So how about….Scotch – five great options for Father’s Day.

Scotch for Dad

When I think of Scotch drinkers, I picture an older distinguished Scottish gentleman, sitting by the fireplace; scotch on the rocks in one hand and a cigar in the other. Oh, and he is wearing a suit with a bow tie…Stereotype aside, scotch has really become a sipping drink anyone can enjoy.

So Christine and I set out to research all that is Scotch and with help from Crowfoot Wine and Spirits Store Manager Dave, (Thank you Dave for all your knowledge), we have compiled five great options for that scotch drinker in your house or your ‘want- to- be’ scotch drinker.

Father's day gift ideas

All Things Scotch

Scotch is about individual taste and there will be some trial and error until you find that one. Some may like a sweeter finish and others may like the ‘peaty, smoky Scotch.

Single malt Scotch is really the epitome of an ‘organically made’ whiskey. Made of only barley and water, the flavours come from the barrels (wine, bourbon, sherry) that are used to age it in, the water used, and how long you age it. The longer the better for a smoother taste.

There are 4 regions in Scotland that produce Scotch. Islay (I-Luh), Highlands/Island region, Speyside, and Lowland.

All have a very distinct to their regions by taste. For the seasoned and well versed Scotch drinker, you should be able to tell what region a Scotch is from by its taste and not be looking at the bottle. So, we have chosen for you five Scotches that would be great to give to your Dad or husband for father’s day or really any other special occasion.

For the Beginner

For those who are just starting their foray into the Scotch world, Dave has recommended Macallan – Gold. This Highland made Scotch is really the safest region to purchase Scotch from. This Scotch sells for about $80.00 CDN and we like to call it the ‘Scotch with Training Wheels’.

Value Pick

The value pick is the Scotch that gives you the best ‘bang for your buck’. Auchentoshan is from the Lowlands region of Scotland. This Scotch is a steal at approximately $60.00 CDN a bottle. Flavours of mandarin, toffee and honeysuckle aged in oloroso and bourbon barrels.

For the Man with a Sweet Tooth

From the Speyside region, the Scotch has been aged in a Tawny Port Barrel, which gives it that added sweetness. The Spey Tenne is sold for approximately $75.00 CDN and would be great for the guy who enjoys a scotch with his favourite cigar.

That Peaty Scotch

This Scotch is for the guy who likes a smoky, peaty taste. The Kilcholan – Sanaig is aged in 2 different barrels, Sherry and Bourbon. The ‘peaty’ flavour comes from the malting process of the barley. Peat is used as an alternative fuel source since trees are not readily available in this area. The Kilcholan will set you back about $90.00 CDN a bottle.

The Splurge

If you are looking for a splurge Scotch for that guy who is so deserving, then look no further then the Glenmorangie Signel from the Highlands. This one will be sure to please at $225.00 CDN a bottle.

These are only 5 out of 300 single malt Scotches available at Crowfoot Wines and Spirits. If you have a GoT fan in the house (Game of Thrones), they also carry limited edition Scotches as well.

If you are still confused on what kind of Scotch to purchase, we strongly recommend heading to Crowfoot Wine and Spirits and speak to their very knowledgeable staff. And did you know that they have a tasting bar? Yes, you can try before you buy.

Scotch - Five Great Options for Father's day
Crowfoot Wine and Spirits – Tasting Bar Crowfoot Center

Whether it be Scotch – Five Great options for Father’s Day or another special gift for the special Dad or husband in your life, Christine and I would like to extend our warmest Father’s day wishes to all the Dads out there. We hope you enjoy your day.

PS: If you looking for other ideas for Dad, head back to this post on Gifts for Him.

Christine and Danni

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  1. It has always been a drink for older people, so it automatically becomes the best gift for fathers day. I have gifted him the same bottle for the last 10 years, and he still loves it.

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