Essentials for the University Student’s Pantry

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Yikes!! Christine and I both have sons attending university this fall who will be moving into their own apartment/condo away from home. No more dorm life or living the sweet life at home.

There are so many things to think about when setting them up to live on their own.

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All the essentials for cooking and eating at home (let’s hope they make healthy choices), bathroom essentials, linens, laundry supplies (fingers crossed they do laundry and not just rely on the SMELL test!), and cleaning supplies to help them clean, hopefully (I can honestly say that my son has not cleaned a toilet). That blog post will come at a later date.

For me ( surprise, surprise) it is all about eating healthy or relatively healthy. Let’s be realistic here, these are 19 year old young men, I can’t ask for miracles. Will there be trips to the nearest fast food restaurant for a quick bite or a pizza delivery every now and then, of course. So in my effort to set them up for healthy eating success, I have made a list with a good base of pantry items. Now I am not going to go crazy and add items like quinoa and lentils or other items I KNOW they will not eat. (some may but I know that these items are not first on the list for my child) But there will be items that are quick and easy to make because we know they will be studying and not have the extra time to cook, right :)..

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Let’s just hope they add some fresh fruits and vegetables to their weekly or bi-weekly grocery store stock up, maybe meal plan…LOL!! A mom can dream 🙂

I know I may have missed something but I hope this gives you a start to stocking a healthy pantry for your university student. Next stop, bathroom essentials and a discussion on replacing that toilet paper roll!!


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