Yes, I was a Hockey Mom

Yes, I was a hockey mom. The keyword here is ‘was‘.

Its that time of the year again when we focus on back to school. When you have kids who play hockey, this is also the time of year where your family would prepare to head back to the rink. Shopping for new skates, conditioning camps, and evaluations. This year things are a bit different for me as for the first time in about 13 years I will not be spending every weekend in the hockey rink.

Let me go to back to where it all started

I remember the first time we entered that rink with my son. He was 5 years old and all he wanted to do was play hockey.

Dad tried to make him an Oiler fan. But that did not stick..he became a Blackhawks fan.

Suited up in all the necessary equipment, stick in hand, he headed onto the ice with a big smile on his face. Now his skating was a little less to be desired (he started with the one legged push and glide) and he fell down ALOT. But every time he got back up, smile on his face and chased after that puck and the other kids on the ice. I thought to myself ‘I guess I have just become a hockey mom’. But that is okay, I have a daughter who will probably do something else so wouldn’t have to spend all my time in the hockey rink.

If you know me, I am always cold. So the thought of hours in a cold rink were not appealing to me. But we do sacrifice some things for the happiness of our children and for me it was the sacrifice of WARMTH!

Well flash forward about 4 years or so and yo and behold, my daughter at about 8 years of age finally ‘found her sport’ as it was. And you guessed it..It was hockey!! I say finally tongue in cheek because she literally tried everything!

All smiles!!

So what does a mom do. Well jump in with both feet and embrace it! Did I become that crazy hockey mom. Some may say YES!!

There were many years , that I managed teams and my husband coached both kids. I guess we really were the epitome of a Canadian hockey family with the occasional stop at Tim Hortons.

As a side note, my kids played lots of other sports as well. Soccer, lacrosse, football, swimming, dance, volleyball. Pretty sure we only missed a few..

The hockey world brought some lifelong friends, for us and for our children. It allowed us to travel, even it was to small town Alberta. Those were some great road trip memories. It also allowed us to travel to larger cities as well. Who knew that San Diego was a hockey town!?

Evening and weekends were spent driving to and from arenas in the city and out. It wasn’t uncommon for us to drive 2 hours for one child’s game and head straight to the next. Some weekends, we were out of the house by 8am and not back until 8pm that night.

Weekends, what weekends??

We planned our lives around the hockey schedule. And you know what? I loved it. As long as my kids had that smile on their face, I would be there to take it all in because I knew it wasn’t going to last forever.

This year there comes a big change in our home. As my oldest leaves home for university, his hockey will become beer league with his university friends. My daughter has decided to give another sport a chance – Rugby! So the hockey rink will no longer be my regular hang out.

I have some emotional feelings about it, as it was such a big part of our lives. Hockey taught my kids so many things. It taught them the how to be part of a team and work together for a common goal. Resilience – if you got knocked down, you got up again and did even better.

Hockey taught them about sportsmanship, how to win and how to lose gracefully. Overall, it taught them that life will have it ups and downs but no matter what, you go out there, have fun.

So if there is anyone out there looking for a washed up hockey mom to tie some skates and give a loud cheer every once in while, maybe partake in a glass of wine after a game…I’m your gal!!

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