Care Packages for Your University Student

It’s almost November, and if you have a child in post secondary, get ready.  This is the month when it all gets HARD.  

There are three reasons November sucks in the life of a student.  

The excitement and novelty of being away from home has worn off
Christmas seems REALLY far away
Things are ramping up at school like crazy.  The work load finally starts to kick in, and it can seem insurmountable

So to celebrate this “awesome” time for our young adults we decided to give some examples of care packages for your university student.

I decided to name this care package:  


November Relief is filled with some fun / helpful things to get your young adult through the next four weeks.  


Renew Life Kids DHA – which helps support cognitive health and brain function – I buy these because my child is more likely to pop a gummie than take pills or a liquid.

Natural Calm Gummies – again, choose the gummie format! These are magnesium rich with natural calming / stress relief properties. Always a bonus at crunch time with papers and exams.

New Roots Single Serving Juicy – this is an immune / energy boosting powder that can be added to the water bottle. Water is number one for helping with energy and mental clarity for me – so a little flavour might encourage a bit more water consumption.

Brain Bars – high in DHA and low in sugar these are a great “on the go” snack for the library!

McLean Turkey Jerky – little bags of flavoured turkey jerky are perfect to throw in the backpack. Gluten free / soy free and no nitrites make them even better.

Evolved Snack Sticks – fun “healthy” pepperoni that does not have to be kept cold. Easy for transport, and another great addition to the backpack when you have a long day at the library.


Thirsty Naturals Spot Treatment – because when we get stressed we get zits, and what better way to attack them than with an all natural product? Enough said.

Saje Natural Wellness Peppermint Halo – a natural way to help with stress headaches, I love the idea that this is an easy roll on for the back of the neck and smells divine. Their most popular item in store!

Saje Brainstorm – because what can be bad about a “mental clarity nasal inhaler?”

Saje Stress Release – umm – ditto from above. A stress release nasa inhaler is just a good thing, right?


Our kids don’t just want things for studying – they want some comfort too!! As it is just about Halloween (yes, you have time!!) I wanted to include some fun Halloween treats, so he didn’t feel like he was missing out on the treats from home. I visited Purdy’s for a few special items that I knew my son would appreciate.

Also added in some favorite Annies Bunny Fruits, a few Little Tucker treats and I’m ready to send!


For the feminine side of things, this box is full of items that might bring a smile to your face. A quick trip to you local Winners or Homesense and you can find so many items to fill your care package for your university student.

After all the midterms are done, it is time for a little self care.

Light the Lavender White Tea Candle put on some fuzzy socks to keep the tootsies warm and lets get those face masks going.

Face Masks – What gal, or guy for that matter, doesn’t like a good face mask. The Platone -Manuka Honey soothing sheet mask will give your skin that extra hydration and a dew-y look. This pack has 5 mask, so invite your friends. Plus always fun to take some IG worthy pics!

Spa Bella Cosmetic Headband – No gal should go without something to hold their hair back while doing the face mask or even while doing your morning routine

And we can’t forget the tea. This Cinnamon Vanilla tea with Chamomile from Stash will have them relaxing in no time…AHHHH!!!

There is always time for a little indulgence so how about some Jelly Belly’s, Smart Sweets and Dark Chocolate Blueberries? Yes, please!

The final piece to the box was a cozy scarf to wear as the weather cools off to remind you everyday that we are thinking of you!


Both our boys are sports fans. Hockey and football being their faves. So what better then to send a box to give them some snacks when they sit and watch football on Sunday.

You can’t watch football without some chips and salsa. So along with my homemade salsa (recipe here), I have added an avocado and guacamole seasoning package in a chili pepper bowl. I do prefer to make my guac with fresh ingredients, but let’s not kid ourselves. Getting the boys to at least use an avocado is big win in our books.

An added bonus to this care package is the Chicago Mix popcorn, and some Chicago Bears apparel (socks and hat). There is a theme here.. Go Bears!! Throw in a novelty football glass for their favourite beverage and you are done!

These care packages don’t need to be complicated or stress YOU out. We try to include a little of home, and be mindful of the university lifestyle when making picks and know that no matter what – getting a care package from home is always a good thing.

There you have it, a few of our care packages for your university student. When it comes to sending love from home the possibilities are endless really. Would love to hear some of you ideas. Please let us know in the comments below.

Danni and Christine.

3 thoughts on “Care Packages for Your University Student

  1. Thanks for the ideas – will be sending a package along in the next few weeks. The other thing I love is some of the nutrition items from Arbonne (I do sell it but not as a serious job – just because I love some of their nutrition line). Things I find kids love – Energy Fizz Sticks – add to water and gives you a boost. The Hydration sticks – great for sports before and after and also good if you have had one or two too many drinks (not promoting the drinking, just saying!). They also have great skin care for acne and a good mens skincare line. Lastly, they have a lovely immunity booster (which comes in a very easy to drink format – rip off the top and drink it – no pills!) Here’s to hoping they use some of the stuff!

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