Our Top Blog Posts for the Year 2019

Well that time has come when we look back and reflect on the past year. This has been our full one year of blogging. Yay!! So we thought we would bring to you our top blog posts for the year 2019.

We have had some that went top shelf and some that totally missed the net (Sorry about the bad hockey reference ;)).

We have learned so much over the year.

  • Pinterest – It isn’t just pretty pictures
  • SEO – That’s Search Engine Optimization, I know we had no idea what it was either.
  • Photography Skills – Well we are still working on that, but we definitely have improved over the year.
  • Content Planning – Timing is everything

So without further ado, here are the Top Blog Posts for the Year 2019 as compiled through our readers.


A major part of why we starting blogging was because we found there was not a lot of blogs or community in the blog-o-spere for the older demographic and especially moms of teens. We have written a few posts over the year that have come from what we experience as moms of teens and of the older teen/young adult as they head to university at home and those that move away. Some of the posts have created some controversy and dialogue while other posts have Just made a connection with others who are feeling or felt the same way.

When Things Fall Apart

My Teen Asked to Have a Party…Now What?

Ten Things your Teen Should Know Before Leaving Home

Planning for Life After High School Graduation


We managed to get in a couple of beach holidays because who doesn’t like a beach vacation and blogged about it, much to our teens chagrin. But once we got over the eye rolling and head shaking, we all had a great time.

Our 5 Days in Los Cabos

Los Cabos Westin

Punta Mita – A Hot Place to Chill


Who doesn’t like chocolate for special occasions or everyday really. We had a couple recipe posts that definitely could be used for both.

Candy Bars

FOUND! The Perfect Chocolate Cake

Honorable Mentions

We also write about our trials and tribulations of getting older and how our bodies are changing. Hormones, weight, staying healthy as we age and of course wrinkles. One of the most popular posts in this category was on Collagen – What is it and Why We Need it..

One of the most fun blog posts that we did had to be The Great Canadian Poutine Bar – A Canada Day Menu for a Crowd.

We got our families together and celebrated the great country we live in with foods that Christine or I would very rarely make for our families. If any of you know us, we tend to lean a little , okay a lot towards the healthy food scale so this post was the one that surprised our families and our readers the most. But you know, we like to have fun too!

So there you have it. The Top Blog Posts for the year 2019. Of course there are so many more that are worth a read or even a re-read for some.

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