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It is hard to believe that is has been almost 2 years since Christine and I started this blogging adventure – Mojo and Moxie. What started out as a casual discussion over a few glasses a wine has turned into building of a community of women that we have met in person and online. When we began our planning process, we researched and read lots of blogs. So here are some of our favourite blogs that you may be interested in.

Parenting Teens

When we started our blog, we wanted to discuss the trials and tribulations of parenting teens and young adults, I mean we are right in the thick of that, so why not write about what you know. One of our go to blogs is Grown and Flown. This blog is right up our alley. No matter the issues you are having with your teen or young adult, there are other moms/parents going through the exact same thing.

The creators of the blog, Lisa Heffernan and Mary Dell Harrington have also written a book. Highly recommended.

Disclaimer: Do not read a certain chapter after dropping your child off at University. Be prepared for some tears.

Our favourite blogs
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Another great resource blog for moms of teens and young adults is Your Teen Mag. Born out of the need of parents of teens to have a resource, these two moms and friends are always providing us with new information and support to help us get through those trying times. And there are a many of those!

If you prefer to listen than read, then add their podcast to your list.

Your Teen Mag
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Midlife Sisters

We are getting to a time in our lives where ‘changes’ are happening. Not only are we parenting older children, our hormones are up and down, sideways and upside down, but things are also changing when it comes to our household dynamics. The almost empty nest syndrome and empty nest syndrome are coming upon us. We have found a couple of blogging sisters that in their own different ways have brought light and humour to the daily grind.

If you are looking for a little humour and lighter side of things, then the Sangria Sisters are for you. These two are for real sisters and are living life in the midlife era with humour and grace. I know that if I am looking for good giggle or even a hard belly laugh, I head over to see what the Sangria Sisters, Val and Lori are up to. It usually will involve a cocktail 🙂

our favourite blogs

Another real life sister blogging duo are the Sugar Plum Sisters. Now as moms of teens athletes, we definitely understand what these ladies go through in keeping the household in tact while running off to dance or hockey (as we have done and do). They have a positive outlook on life, a great family dynamic and offer great ideas on feeding the family, vacations and just overall lifestyle. They started their blog as a reflection of all things they love and it shows.

Feeding the Family

Yes, on a daily basis we have to feed the family. UGH! Even if they turn up their noses up on what we have made for lunch or dinner. Every mother out there has seen that same look. You know what I mean. And the daily grind of figuring out what’s for dinner can be trying. So we tend look to help online. If we aren’t surfing Pinterest, then we go to Sweet Potato Chronicles. These 2 moms and food bloggers have a knack for creating fun, delicious, healthy family food. Like their Dark Chocolate Energy Pennies..Yumm- o!!

They have also written a couple cookbooks that should be in every kitchen’s bookshelf. The School Year Survival Cookbook and the always popular, How to Feed a Family.

our favorite blogs
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All these blogs are also created and written but dynamic duos, whether friends or sisters. So, if you are finding you have some free time on your hands and looking for a good read, or a recipe, then make sure to check out some of our favourite blogs. You will not be disappointed.

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