How to Host a ‘Chopped’ Cocktail Party

If you are an avid watcher of the Food Network, you may have watched a program called CHOPPED. This is where chefs get a basket of mystery items that they must use in their recipe. Hmm. Can we do this with cocktails instead? Well, yes you can. Here are the tips on How to Host a Chopped Cocktail Party.

Recently we had a virtual cocktail party with friends from near and far that could not get together in person and decided to play an adult drinking game. This would also work very well at a non-virtual cocktail party or even an adult birthday party. You could even incorporate non-alcoholic beverages into this game if you so desire. It is very adaptable. Either alcoholic or not, this is a great and fun way to have an interactive cocktail party.

Who knows, you may even create the next best cocktail trend.

How to Host a CHOPPED Cocktail Party:

First – You pick a set amount of basket items. Common alcohols and mixing ingredients such as a juice (examples – orange juice, cranberry juice, pineapple juice), something carbonated (examples – club soda, ginger ale, sprite, sparkling water), a herb (examples – mint, basil), a sugar (examples – maple syrup, simple syrup, honey). Other items could be a cream or milk, fresh fruit or some sort of curveball items that no one wants to get, like red pepper jelly or pickle juice.

  • In our case, we picked 10 basket items – 3 common alcohols and 7 mixers. If you are doing a non-alcoholic version, you can forego the alcohol and just add extra mixers.

You will also want a few ‘pantry’ items for any additions. (ex. liqueurs, lemons, limes, club soda, sugar, salt, bitters, olives, maraschino cherries). Such as in the TV show, you will have access to the pantry items to enhance the basket items if required.

Other items you might want in your cocktail kitchen – a muddler, cocktail shaker, blender, shot glass or jigger, swizzle sticks for stirring and plenty of ice.

Set a time limit for making the cocktail.

  • We used 15 minutes which seemed to be enough time

For every participant, pick at random one alcohol and three mixer items that must be used in your cocktail. Once everyone has their ingredient list, it is time to go ahead and make your creation.. Be imaginative and DO NOT GOOGLE!! Because that would be cheating… Pour into your cocktail glass, martini glass, highball glass or champagne flute and garnish to make it pretty. (Presentation may just help it taste better!).

How to host a chopped cocktail party

If you are doing this virtually, you will want to make sure you have the recipe written down so that others can make it and taste your creation. If this is in person, you have the option to make all the drink’s over again or everyone uses a straw to taste. I guess it depends on how much you want to drink 😉

Judge and determine who has made the best cocktail!!

And there you go you have just hosted your first CHOPPED Cocktail Party. The adult drinking game that is never the same one twice!

Now if you are looking for some non-alcoholic alternatives, Check out these refreshing beverages made with Kombucha!

Have fun and drink responsibly!! Cheers!


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