MOKITA – How to Navigate Perimenopause

October is World Menopause month and to bring more awareness and open the conversation, we are highlighting some menopause issues and topics. Menopause or perimenopause is a topic that I do not remember my mom talking about. Menopause was just something that women knew happened to them but didn’t say much about it. Many just suffered through never really connecting the dots to how they were feeling and how their bodies were changing. Today things are changing and the conversation is becoming more common. Thanks to the book, MOKITA – How to Navigate Perimenopause with Confidence and Ease.

MOKITA – How to Navigate Perimenopause with Confidence and Ease

I first heard of this book through a Facebook Group – Menopause Chicks. Menopause Chicks was started in 2016 by Shirley Weir. A private online community to discuss common topics of perimenopause and menpause. Shirley saw the need for this online community and it has grown immensely over the years. This book is an amazing resource the blossomed from the online community. An online community that now averages over 15, 000 questions and comments every month.

What Does MOKITA Mean?

Mokita, is a word from the Kivila language, spoken on the Trobriand Islands off the coast of Papus New Guinea. It means ‘a truth we all know, and agree not to talk about’. Loosely translated, we would say ‘the elephant in the room’. It is true. That is really how we think of menopause. We all know it is there, but no one wants to talk about it. Until now!

The Book

Shirley’s book, MOKITA – How to Navigate perimenopause with confidence and ease, gives us an overview of many health options to help you navigate this phase of life. She saw the need for this information when she watched her older sister as she struggled with early onset menopause due to a earlier bout with cancer. The information was just not out there for women or if it was it was confusing. Some would go their doctor with concerns and just have them say, menopause is part of life and maybe prescribe something to just mask the symptoms. What I really love about this book, is it helps you to become your own health advocate. MOKITA provides you some background to have the discussion with your doctor or health care practitioner and to be informed.

Cracking Open the Conversation

Now, Shirley is one to admit in the book, that she does not know it all and it is best to build your own health team. She has done just that in the book. Shirley has gathered together some amazing health practitioners to explain how their modality can be a part of your health network for perimenopause, if you so choose. I was excited to see such a wide spectrum of health care practictioner.

Just to name a few of the 13 modalities in this book:

  • Life Coach
  • Hormone Expert
  • Registered Dietician
  • Chiropractor
  • Pharmacist
  • Integrative Physician
  • Pelvic Health Expert AKA the Vagina Coach

Now I do not want to give the whole book away. So, if you are looking for an easy to read guide on perimenopause, I definitely recommend adding this one to your nightstand. You can purchase this online through Amazon Here – MOKITA – How to navigate perimenopause with confidence and ease.

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If anything, all these great resources let us know that we are not alone. NO it is not normal to feel this way and YES others feel the same as you do. It really is time to start the conversation.


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