Three Warm Winter Beverages To Enjoy

“Baby, Its cold, Outside”…Yes, winter has arrived in the northern hemisphere and many are spending more time outdoors then usual this year. What is one thing we want when we get inside.? A hot beverage to warm us up, of course. So, I have put together three warm winter beverages to enjoy by the fireplace. Although these would also be great additions to sitting outside and enjoying a firepit, if you have one of those.

Classic Winter Beverage

The Hot Toddy

Typically any hot drink made with a liquor, hot water, honey and some spices is a hot toddy. The origins of this hot beverage is unknown really but there are signs it started in the 1700’s in Scotland and made its way across the United Kingdom. There are many variations on this winter warmer – upper. Here is one of them.

2 cups of Hot Tea ( I used the classic Red Rose)

2 tbsp Honey (or to taste, whichever you prefer)

3 oz of Dark or Spiced Rum

2 tsp lemon juice ( or more to taste)

2 cinnamon sticks

2 whole cloves

2 slices of lemon

Heat all together in a sauce pan or a slow cooker and serve.

This drink is sure to warm you up!

A Canadian Twist on the Classic Hot Toddy

Maple Bourbon Apple Cider

The taste of apple cider takes my back to my childhood home in the Okanagan. Where at the time apple orchards were everywhere. Today many of them have been replaced with vineyards and wineries. Not a bad thing, either ;)..This hot apple cider drink with a hint of maple should be the official canadian winter beverage, in my opinion!

In a saucepan combine:

2 cups of your favourite apple cider

1/4 cup of bourbon whiskey

2 tbsp maple syrup

1 tbsp lemon juice

Heat a serve. Garnish with a slice of orange on the side.

Hot Chocolate is a Given

Peppermint Patty Hot Chocolate

You can’t have a day outside without ending it with a hot chocolate. The combination of mint and chocolate is definitely one to warm your insides. The addition of the whipped cream and crushed candy cane would be a great drink to have Christmas morning when opening stockings and gifts.

2 cups hot milk

4 heaping tbsp hot chocolate mix

Mix together

Then add:

2 oz peppermint schnapps

2 oz creme do cacao

Top with whipped cream and garnish with crushed candy cane.

To add to that list would be my all time favourite warm beverage – the Blueberry tea. Which doesn’t have blueberries in it at all. So why do they call it Blueberry Tea??

See me make this beverage and why it is my favourite by clicking here – Blueberry Tea, Anyone? Yep, there is a video…

Now maybe you aren’t looking for one of these three warm winter beverages to enjoy, but still something wintery..How about a Chocolate Martini? The girls at Ridiculously Unperfect have made the best one. Watch them make it here .

Whatever beverage you decide to enjoy this winter season with, we do hope you get out and enjoy your surroundings, get some fresh air and some much need sun. Winter lasts about 6 months in our neck of the woods so these three warm winter beverages will be on repeat in our house.!!



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