Staying Fit into your 40’s and Beyond

We really hope you didn’t miss it but if you did, here is a little recap of our Weight, Water, Walks and Wine chat with Amy Johnston. Let’s talk staying fit into your 40’s and beyond.

You might recognize Amy’s name, as we have featured her on our blog previously in a Q and A about over 40 fitness. She is super knowledgeable and we know that even after this talk we had many people wanting to get their fitness questions answered and we just ran out of time!

Amy has graciously agreed to do another Q and A post with us in the near future, but for now – here is the 411 on the chat.

WEIGHTS – thoughts on Staying Fit into your 40’s and beyond

staying fit into your 40's and beyond

In short, in order to stay healthy and fit into your 40’s and beyond, you have to push and pull your body – at least your body weight to maintain and grow muscle mass. Amy is very clear that resistance training does not have to mean heavy weights. Resistance training is any exercise where you move your body against resistance. If you are new to resistance training, this can be as simple as a push up against the wall, or as difficult as lifting 30 lb. weights in a squat. The point is just to get some sort of this type of training into your weekly routine.

One of the really interesting things Amy mentioned is that your body really doesn’t like to do cardio and weights at the same time – BUT – this is a great way to work. Forcing the body to do “metabolic” weight training builds muscle and torches fat. If you are interested in reading about metabolic training, Amy mentioned the book The Metabolic Effect by Jade Teta. If you are interesting trying metabolic training for yourself, why not try Amy’s 7 day free trial HERE.

WATER – this is a must for staying fit into your 40’s and beyond

staying fit into your 40's and beyond

What can we say about water but DRINK UP! Amy discussed with us the benefits of water for flushing out the bad and creating room for the good stuff! That dreaded weight we gained over Christmas is best dealt with by getting rid of extra sugar, eating extra fruits and veggies, slowing down on the starchy carbs and – you guessed it – drinking more water.

As we age water becomes even more important for keeping our skin hydrated and supple and helps with fighting fatigue. Heading into our 40’s and beyond, water aids in the recovery of muscles after a tough workout .

While we all know the importance of water, sometimes it is hard to gauge exactly how much water we are drinking daily. This summer I decided I really wanted to remain diligent with my water intake. I found on the days I didn’t drink enough water, I felt sluggish and generally less energized through the day.

I found this cool water bottle that measures your intake and it has really helped me (and the rest of the family) ensure we are getting enough of the good stuff.

Find it HERE

WALKING – an easy way for you to stay fit into your 40’s and beyond

walking - staying fit into your 40's and beyond

So interestingly, as much as many of us have become cardio junkies and feel this is the only path to weight loss – Amy subscribes to balancing your exercise / weight routine with a healthy dose of daily walking.

And – you will be pleased to know this means just walking. Not power walking, not walking hills, not racing down the street! Just going for a walk after dinner is enough to make a difference in your health and wellness into your 40’s. Amy suggests that even 15 minutes of walking can not only do your body good but also your mind.

Throughout our discussion with Amy, one word came up a lot… CORTISOL. Cortisol (fondly referred to as the stress hormone) is produced in our adrenal glands. It can be higher as we approach menopause. This rise in cortisol is often to blame for the weight gain around the middle we complain about as we age.

Exercise (to a point) will help with reducing cortisol in our bodies, and with fighting that weight gain. But, if we over exercise (which causes stress to the body), it can do the reverse. If you are an avid high impact exerciser, why not try walking as an alternative? It is just enough exercise to lower our stress hormone, but not enough to seriously stress out the body.

I think we can all attest to the benefits of getting outside and enjoying a little fresh air these days. Not only is walking great for your body – walking can be used as a moving meditation to improve mood. Walking is low stress on the body, requires no equipment and is a zero excuse workout. Get out there and get walking if you want to maintain your fitness and health into your 40’s and beyond.

WINE – everything in moderation if you plan on staying fit into your 40’s and beyond

moderation - staying fit inot your 40's and beyond

So here’s the gist of what Amy said on wine.

Enjoy wine in moderation but recognize that essentially, any type of alcohol is poison for our bodies. As much as there have been studies touting the benefits of wine for cardiovascular health and the benefits of antioxidants like resveratrol – wine should always be considered only in moderation.

Amy mentioned another book she is in the middle of reading, Quit Like a Woman by Holly Whitaker. It is about quitting drinking in a culture obsessed with alcohol. This could be an interesting read for those looking for inspiration to cut alcohol all together from their diet.

While Amy certainly understands the pull of a nice glass of wine with your partner after a long day, she is firm in stating that if you are really wanting to get “ripped and lean” alcohol should not be part of the program.

I totally get that – and I also love wine in moderation (and sometimes not in moderation at all!). I like to have a balance between being dedicated and cognizant of my health goals and having a fun and enjoying moments with a little red wine. 🙂

In the end we make decisions based on what has meaning to us. Amy recognizes that for many people, wine is not something they are willing to give up completely and she gets it.

Following our chat – Amy did address some questions about things like intermittent fasting and osteoporosis. Go watch the chat for info on those things. If you are interested in more info on intermittent fasting find our blog post HERE on various popular diet trends.

So these are a few points to help your stay fit into your 40’s and beyond.

If you would like to watch and listen to this talk and hear everything Amy has to say about staying fit into your 40’s and beyond find the Facebook Live replay HERE

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