Top Podcasts for Midlife Women

Podcasts, the modern day radio shows, are all the rage right now. For those of you who do not know what a podcast is, they are a digital audio file. Basically like a talk show that is recorded. And then the podcast is made available on the internet for you to download to your mobile device and listen to at your convenience. I like to listen to them while walking, or while I am cleaning the house or in bed before I go to sleep. If you are wanting to learn or about anything, and I mean anything, there is a podcast for it. Here are some of our top podcasts for midlife women.

Hot Flashes, Cool Topics

This weekly podcast gives us the good and the bad of entering midlife and beyond. Colleen and Bridgett keep the conversation light and real. And their guest list has included the likes of Carnie Wilson, Patricia Heaton and Joan Lunden to chat about their midlife journeys. They also engage with experts in the field of midlife health.


A podcast started by entrepreneur, Brad Walsh to empower women to share their stories. Empowerography includes women of all walks of life and ages. They are entrepreneurs, life coaches, educators, authors, speakers, mothers, sisters and daughters. Women who want and have made a difference in the lives around them. (There might even be an upcoming episode of 2 crazy mom bloggers. Stay tuned for that).

Living Your Best Midlife

Cracking open the conversation in this relatively new podcast is Shirley Weir of the Menopause Chicks platform. Shirley is a fierce advocate for women’s health, who not only teaches women about their health, hormones particularly, but also on how to be the best advocate for their own health journey. Her first official guest was Marci Ien, known for her outgoing personality on CTV’s – The Social. “Let’s replace HOT with WHOLE and BITCHY with BEAUTIFUL..”

The GOOP Podcast

Love her or hate her, Gwenyth Paltrow is in her midlife journey. And the GOOP platform has always been one that starts the conversation on many topics. Some may say even controversial. Chatting with leading thinkers to culture changers. From doctors to spiritual healers. Gwenyth sure has us thinking inside and outside the box, creating a different midlife narrative.

Postcards from Midlife

Lorraine and Trish start their podcast bio with this…“Are you living in a hormonal hothouse battling it out with your teens while your dog, cat and husband look on? You are not alone!” Along with their guest experts they chat about the midlife unraveling – menopause, reinvention, living with teens. All with a little laughs along the way.

There are so many podcasts out their in relation to midlife women. All with a different perspective and story to tell. These are just a few of our top podcasts for midlife women to add to your listening library. We would love to add some more to ours. So please comment below on what your favourites are.

Maybe podcasts are not your thing, then here are our Top 5 Reads on Menopause.

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