Pelvic Floor Health for Midlife Women

Our second event in our speaker series on our Facebook Group happened Live last week and we hope you were able to tune in during or watch it after. But if not, do not worry because we have a recap of what our amazing guest talked about. We were so thrilled when Shirley Weir of the MenopauseChicks platform, agreed to come to our community and talk about a very important women’s health topic – Pelvic Floor and Vaginal Health for midlife women. Typically topics that pertain to ‘below the waist’ are not ever talked about but Shirley is an advocate for women’s health in midlife and is “Cracking Open the Conversation” and that is where The Vagina Dialogues began.


Did you know that less then 4% of women who experience vaginal dryness are currently receiving treatment?

Vaginal Dryness

More commonly, vaginal dryness can be caused by the birth control pill, and the over use of panty liners. It can also be caused by cancer treatments, certain medications and even stress or trauma. The drastic decline in estrogen post menopause also plays a factor.

Another factor is Hyaluronic Acid. As we age we also lose hyaluronic acid in our skin. What is hyaluronic acid? Well, it isn’t actually an acid. It is a liquid substance produced in the body that binds to water to help maintain moisture in your skin and joints. We start producing less after the age of 30 and this leads to a whole host of ‘dryness’ through out the body.

Vaginal dryness and pelvic floor health for midlife women
Ways to Prevent Vaginal Dryness

Vaginal Health is Connected to Brain Health

How does the vagina connect to brain health? Well, what is the first thing a women does when she experiences vaginal discomfort, prolapse or incontinence. She stops moving! and lack of movement is one of the leading causes of brain decline. Shirley talked about an amazing note she received from a follower about her grandmother who loved to line dance and it was something she could still do for social activity as she was in her 70’s. Well her grandmother stopped dancing because of the discomfort. She was told about moisturizing her vagina. So she tried it and she was back dancing!

Pelvic floor health is connected to brain health

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy

If there is one thing that should come out of either watching the Live or Recorded conversation or reading this post, if that every women should see a pelvic floor physiotherapist. Whether you have been pregnant or not. A pelvic floor physio can help with optimal pelvic floor function, incontinence, prolapse, constipation, painful sex and vaginal dryness. Seeing a pelvic floor physio may save you $50,000. How do they do that, you ask? The urinary incontinence industry is aiming to hit 16 Billion (yep, I said wrote that correctly, 16 Billion) by 2025. On average women as they age will spend $1300 a year on incontinence pads. $1300×40 years is $52,000.

More Information on Pelvic Floor Health for Midlife Women

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