Makeup Tips for Women Over 50

My makeup routine for years consists of some powder foundation, a little bronzer with a little extra around the cheekbones and some mascara. If I feel a little crazy, I add some eyeliner. And for those really special occasions some shadow on the eyelids. Lipstick, almost never. Maybe some gloss if I happen to have it. And that’s it. But now I have my own personal makeup artist in the house (having kids is finally paying off) with my daughter now a certified makeup artist. Her interest in make up and her artistic expression has led her to this growing field. And who doesn’t want their own make up artist..Me please!! And I have learned so much from her and have enlisted her knowledge to bring you some make up tips for women over 50 (AKA mature skin) to you.

Importance of Moisurizing

Direct quote from my daughter – “Skin care is as important, if not more important then the actual makeup’. A moisturized face will make your face a better canvas for makeup. If you have dry skin, the skin will soak up the moisture from your makeup leaving your face looking dull and flaky and the makeup hard to blend. So what should we do to help..Two words. HYALURONIC ACID. Not actually an acid, hyaluronic acid is a fluid naturally found in our bodies. And guess what??>> We lose it as we age causing a decrease in skin moisture and an increase in fine lines and wrinkles. So including hyaluronic acid in your facial routine is essential to maintaining the health of your skin and that youthful plumpness look that we all strive for as we get older.

To Contour or Not to Contour

Contouring is a makeup application technique for sculpting and adding dimension to your face. But contouring may not be the best technique for you as you get older. For example, if you already have a hollow face shape or maybe skin that is starting to sag, contouring can highlight this area in the wrong way and make you look older than what you are. So best to use a bronzer all over rather than contouring.

Work in Layers

As we age, our skin tone changes. Maybe there are blemishes from hormonal acne, maybe some redness from rosacea or maybe some hyperpigmentation. So when applying the foundation for your face, it is always best to work in layers. Keeping things light and neutral, maybe start with a tinted moisturizer and work your way to creating smooth look.

The Small Smoky Eye

Face it ladies, as we age our eyelids begin to droop. This causes, in the makeup world, what they call a ‘hooded eye’. And the best way to enhance a hooded eye is by applying the small smoky eye.

  • Apply a dark eyeliner to the upper lash line and lower lash line of the your eye
  • Smudge the upper lash line liner in a upward motion
  • Use a dark brown/black eyeliner colour on a flat brush and apply over the liner and blend but keep the intensity close to the eyelashes.
  • Apply masacara

Sparkle Isn’t Always Your Friend

Avoid Shimmer. Especially areas of fine lines and wrinkles (around your eyes). The shimmer shows texture and draws attention to those areas of wrinkles that you may not want to show. Opt for a matte eyeshadow.

Pucker up!

Those darn wrinkles that show up in places we don’t want them. Around the lips are a prime example. And those lines play havoc with our lipstick causing the lipstick to ‘bleed’ into them. So best tip is to use a lip liner to keep the colour in place. Choose a lip liner slightly darker then your shade of lipstick. If you are looking to add some fullness to your lips with lipstick, overlining your lips is the way to go. (How to Overline Your Lips).

Hopefully one or two of these makeup tips for women over 50 will help your makeup routine. I know they have helped me. But then with my routine I had no where to go but up !! If you have a favourite makeup tip, please let us know in the comments, we would love to hear it..Also if you have any other questions about makeup, let us know and I can get my daughter to help answer them.

And because skin care is just as important as the makeup, check out a previous post on Skincare Tips for Women over 40.

And one thing I have learned from my daughter on the application of makeup is have fun with it. You never know what you can create for your signature look.


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