What’s Your Word for 2023

I’M BACK!!!!! After a little hiatus from the blog, I decided to make an appearance again. To be honest, I missed it. I missed having the creative outlet and creating content and sharing information. So I thought I would start 2023 with being creative and blog about this year’s new trend everyone is talking about – What’s Your Word for 2023?

New Year’s Resolutions are so 2020…

Who makes resolutions anymore? Studies show that by the middle of January, most already break those resolutions. So maybe that is why this year, everyone was talking about a word. A word to represent 2023 rather then a habit to change or a resolve to be better at something or do more of something. Maybe it is easier to live with a word.

So I decided to propose the question to my family. What’s your word for 2023? Between blank stare, eye rolls and head shakes, I never did get a straight answer from any of them. And they all thought I was even crazier when I bombarded their friends with the questions when they popped by for a visit. And guess what, I got the same blank stares and responses of ‘let me think on that’. Ya right, like I will hear back on that one!

Word Up!

Well here were some words that were floating around:

FOCUS – Sometimes we lack focus or we need to find a focus. Sometimes we just need to pick something, anything and go with that. Maybe it doesn’t end up being the right focus but getting to that point taught you something.

MONEY – Yes money is good one. Wouldn’t it be great to have a little extra money going into 2023. Inflation is high and a trip to the grocery store makes one come out in tears. Want to know the fastest way to spend $50…just stop in the local grocery store to pick up a couple things. Although money does not grow on trees as our children once thought, you need a plan or strategy on how to add more to the pocketbook.

Now, when I asked a friend what her word was for 2023, she told me she had 3…Well I can tell you they were not ‘Fuck this Shit’. I know you all thought it too!! LOL! Her words were joy, authenticity and respect. Now those are some big words for the year.

JOY – How about bringing more joy to your life. Finding joy in everyday. Sometimes that is hard when you have had a crappy day (maybe that is when fuck this shit comes it…) So maybe a gratitude journal is what you need to remind you of each day of joy.

AUTHENTICITY – Being authentic. Being true to who you are, what your core values and beliefs are. I think over time we lost our authenticity and have moulded to what the world thinks we should be. Time to come back to who you are and own it.

RESPECT – Respect your self and respect others. This may go hand in hand with authenticity. We may not all have the same core values and beliefs and you know what, that is okay. It is what makes us all authentic and who we are.

As for me, my word is ADVENTURE. 2023 is taking us on a little adventure (more to come on this).

What’s your word for 2023?



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