Prosciutto Egg Bites: Quick protein on the go

Danni and I get more requests for the “Athlete Factory” section of our blog, than anything else. It seems everyone is looking for a quick way to fuel their teen quickly and efficiently. We are constantly dealing with changing schedules and short turnarounds between school and activities, so we have made it our mission at Mojo and Moxie to bring you recipes that fit the bill. If your teen is eating two or three dinners in the car or at the sport / activity of the season you probably are faced with my greatest obstacle – BOREDOM. It is difficult to always be thinking ahead – to pack things that are interesting, healthy and satisfying AND that they will actually eat! With Danni filling you in on a few diet trends this week – I thought I would follow her info up with a recipe that is also PALEO. If you, or anyone in your family is following this particular diet – this recipe works for you too!

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Feeding your Athlete: Spooktacular Sweet Potato Soup

Feeding your Athlete:  Spooktacular Sweet Potato Soup


If you can believe it, we have gone the entire month of October here on Mojo and Moxie without a pumpkin recipe!  WHAT?  October is all about the pumpkin and here we are NOT posting our pumpkin favs.  I’m confident you have survived the month and perhaps tried either Danni or my pumpkin muffins from Insta, so today I am going to push past the pumpkin and highlight the sweet potato.  And – just a head’s up…Halloween is tomorrow night.  If you are like me, you have your traditions of either baking up a batch of trusty “bat wings,” or ordering pizza.  BUT if you are in the mood for a change, this recipe might just do the “trick” on a night full of treats! Continue reading “Feeding your Athlete: Spooktacular Sweet Potato Soup”

Cookies for Breakfast? On your mark, get set, GO…

Clean Breakfast Cookies
Clean Breakfast Cookies your kids will love

“Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines!!!”  Back to school – TODAY!!!  I don’t know about you – but as much as I can’t wait for the summer to begin, I am always just as anxious for September.  I crave routine – in all areas of my life.  My bedtimes, my workouts, and even my meals.  I love to set expectations in my head for how the day is going to go and “check, check, check” as the day goes along.  YAY September – lets get into the groove again! Continue reading “Cookies for Breakfast? On your mark, get set, GO…”