Valentine’s Day – Three kids and 20 years later…

Another Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and while some poo -poo the idea of another Hallmark holiday, I can’t help but enjoy the pop of red and pink in the store windows. Who doesn’t love a cheerful display of hearts and roses – and most importantly – CHOCOLATE when it is -25 and gloomy with still a long 6 weeks until Spring Break? As you know by now, I love a holiday. Typically, when I think of Valentine’s Day and its love inspired celebrations, my thoughts go to how I am going to make it special for our teens. Funnily enough, I still think of these holidays as celebrations for our kids – the REAL reason for the holiday (celebrating romantic love) doesn’t really come in to play (sorry honey!!) This isn’t because I don’t love and adore my husband, or that we don’t “celebrate,” it’s just that my most recent years have been filled with making sure the kids did their Valentine cards – (don’t forget EVERYONE in the class now has to get one), AND trying to figure out what cool and interesting treat / pencil / dollar store trinket I could tape on to them. In addition, I have always been the one making sure the day was special for THEM! The lunch box had to have a heart themed napkin and maybe a few heart shaped jujubes, a little love note and some special Valentine treats. Before they were in school, it was sugar cookies decorated with gobs of icing and sprinkles.

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I know, I know…it is the new year and you are expecting some great healthy recipes, some fun new workouts, and perhaps a motivational speech or two. It IS January. As a society, we have come to expect the ebb and flow of our year and this is what you want now, right? The predictable, “New Year, Fresh Start” blog posts that come with January are filled with hope and expectation. WELL, as much as I love a new recipe, a motivational quote and a fresh new approach, if you are a mom of teens or young adults life continues along its unpredictable course leaving you with WTF moments no matter what month it is.

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Teens and Traditions…keeping the holiday’s special

Teens and Traditions…keeping the holiday’s special

As our teens are heading into adulthood, and we are heading full bore into the holiday season, I have been thinking about family traditions and sustainability of these traditions as our teens become adults.  As a person who grew up with the holidays steeped in tradition,  there is comfort for me in tradition and in this way of doing the holidays.  I dislike change for the most part, and I like to have a real handle on how things are going to go over the few precious days we have as a family.  To others, this could feel rigid, controlling and intense.  Yup – I think this might be the perfect description of myself.  GULP.  Is this the way my teens see me, and our traditions?
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