Revelations from an Almost Empty Nester

Revelations from an Almost Empty Nester

You know that saying ‘Be careful what you wish for’? We joke as parents that we can’t wait until our kids are out of the house. With one child away at school. One very independent almost 18 year old. I am now trying to take back those words. Revelations from an Almost Empty Nester.

Most would describe an empty nest as that point where your children have grown and left home to not move back in. But you can become ‘almost empty nesters’ when your kids move away for school to come back part time. Or when you have kids/young adults still living at home while working or going to school. And really they are just using your water, electricity, food and bed.

This last September our household had a dramatic change. One leaving to go away for school and one basically on her own living schedule. To be honest, at first I really enjoyed not being busy and scheduled on weekdays and weekends. But now four months in, I am finding that an empty calendar and somewhat empty home is well..a little scary.

Empty nesters, no what?
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Planning for Life After High School Graduation

Planning for Life After High School Graduation

I am sure there isn’t one high school senior who hasn’t heard the question..What are you planning to do after high school graduation?

Heck, they probably hear this question a million times (well I exaggerate), since about Grade 10 from family, friends and teachers.

Why do we keep asking our children this?

I ask this because I recently had this discussion with my daughter, who is currently in grade 12 and is bombarded with this question in her daily life, directly and indirectly. And it is stressing her out! To be quite honest, it is stressing me out too!!

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A Twist on Date Nights

A Twist on Date Nights

A twist on date nights. Have you gotten to that time in your life when the kids are no longer filling your schedule? Or maybe you are just looking for a few nights or days a month to reconnect with your partner.

This September my husband and I found ourselves in a time of our life where we have not been in about 20 years.. With A LOT of spare time on our hands. Not quite empty nesters, but darn close.

Bam! All at once, we had one child leave home and one child in Grade 12, who also decided that she no longer wanted to continue in her sport. So that now frees up our weeknights and weekends where we would once have been involved in driving, coaching and cheering our kids on.

So I have compiled some ideas for date nights or date days to get us and you out of the house.

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