Chicken Marbella

Chicken Marbella

Are you at your wits end trying to come up with interesting but not too complicated dinner ideas? Chicken Marbella might just be the revival your dinner hour is looking for.

If you have teens and young adults who have come home from college, or are suddenly “always around” – for obvious reasons – you might be like me and struggling with keeping up with their food intake.

  • I’m not used to how much they eat
  • We are all bored and this kitchen feels like it is open 24/7.

SO – on that note…with all the extra time we’ve got these days, I’ve committed to adding new recipes to my repertoire, and attempting some unusual suspects in my fav cookbooks.

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Cioppino and Chocolate Mousse: Our Easy, Healthy and Light Valentine’s Dinner

Cioppino and Chocolate Mousse: Our Easy, Healthy and Light Valentine’s Dinner

We’ve made it to February (whew!) but we still have at least six weeks of winter still to survive so we thought it is probably time to bring out Cioppino and Chocolate Mousse: our easy, healthy and light Valentine’s dinner.

I always love having little things to look forward to at this time of year. Whether it is a dinner with friends, a massage or a drive to Banff for a mini get away – these are the little joys that make those short days and long nights manageable. Also, my husband travels for work a lot, and I have been travelling with our daughter so it also feels like we are ships passing in the night. It might be time for a special dinner?

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5 Ingredient Roasted Chicken Breasts

5 Ingredient Roasted Chicken Breasts

What’s for dinner tonight?

How about an amazing 5 ingredient roast chicken breast recipe. Simple, quick and so delicious.

Making a healthy, sit down family dinner does not have to be reserved for Sunday nights anymore. This chicken dinner which can be on the table in an hour works for any weeknight meal. It is sure to be a favourite.

So let’s start with the chicken, Or is it the egg?? Well that is a different discussion all together. Back to the chicken…

Although, if you are looking for an amazing Sunday Night Dinner, look no further than our Sunday Dinner with the Fam post.

About 15 years ago, just around the time that I was making a huge health change in the way our family ate, I happened to come upon a local chicken farmer who raised his chickens in a natural, healthy way. I decided to try it, and our family was hooked.

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