5 Ingredient Roasted Chicken Breasts

5 Ingredient Roasted Chicken Breasts

What’s for dinner tonight?

How about an amazing 5 ingredient roast chicken breast recipe. Simple, quick and so delicious.

Making a healthy, sit down family dinner does not have to be reserved for Sunday nights anymore. This chicken dinner which can be on the table in an hour works for any weeknight meal. It is sure to be a favourite.

So let’s start with the chicken, Or is it the egg?? Well that is a different discussion all together. Back to the chicken…

Although, if you are looking for an amazing Sunday Night Dinner, look no further than our Sunday Dinner with the Fam post.

About 15 years ago, just around the time that I was making a huge health change in the way our family ate, I happened to come upon a local chicken farmer who raised his chickens in a natural, healthy way. I decided to try it, and our family was hooked.

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Butternut Squash and Apple Soup

Butternut Squash and Apple Soup

Fall Inspired Butternut Squash Apple soup.

As much as I love summer. Autumn brings change and we all know change is good! We are lucky to live in a climate that brings us the beauty of the four seasons.

It seems as soon as September 1st hits and the kids are back to school, we start to see a change in the weather. A briskness to our mornings, the days get shorter (which I do not like) and the leaves start to change to the autumn hues of yellow, red and orange.

Sounds like the perfect time to bring out the fall inspired Butternut Squash and Apple soup. So yummy and the color, reminds me of fall.

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The BEST “Stampede BBQ” Menu EVER

The BEST “Stampede BBQ” Menu EVER

Let’s set the scene

Stampede is coming, and if you live in YYC, this is supposed to be a BIG DEAL. If you don’t live in CALGARY, you may not have heard of our 10 day rodeo / drinking debauchery exhibition but most likely you have. Generally when I travel to other places and mention I am from Calgary, the Stampede is the thing most folks think of – that and the ’88 Olympics.

My experience with people and the Stampede is that they LOVE it, they HATE it, or they just plain forget that it is even happening. Realistically, if you don’t live close to the Stampede grounds, nor venture downtown you COULD pretend it’s not even happening. Of course, this doesn’t count every store window featuring bales of hay, painted on drawings of funny cowboys with oversized cowboy hats and casually running into a daily free pancake breakfast!

BUT, if you are not a huge lover of Stampede you can still embrace the Stampede season in your own way. As Danni and I now have “children” of drinking age, and their biggest fear is running into “mom and dad” line dancing at the beer tent, creating a fun “over 40” Stampede showdown at home, is really in everyone’s best interest… 🙂

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