Chicken Brie Sandwich – Lunch or Dinner

Not sure why sandwiches are such a big hit in our house but they are. Maybe all the flavor in one bite or that fact that we get to eat with our hands 😉

I have a few sandwich recipes in my repertoire that work great for a quick and easy dinner or even lunch. But this one is always the first one on the list.

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So Easy, Vietnamese Pho Noodle Soup

I am pretty sure that I drive my family absolutely bonkers with the question of  ‘What do you feel like for dinner?’..It is an obsession, feeding the family.  I used to be really good at meal planning, but it seems like I fall off that wagon all the time then scramble last minute to figure something out.


Maybe this is why…

My Post (25).jpg

So when someone finally gives me a idea for dinner, I jump at it!!  So today, when I asked that question, rather then saying ‘I don’t know’, My husband said ‘I feel like some Pho’..

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A’s Power Packed Salad Bowl

I think one of the greatest apps/websites out there for moms is Pinterest.  It is my go to when looking for recipes, hacks, decor, fashion…well everything.  But mostly I use it for recipes I think my family will enjoy.


So on my ‘surfing’ time, I happened upon this salad bowl recipe (thanks to iowagirleats) that looked amazing and I was sure my family would enjoy it as it had BACON in it!!  Who doesn’t like bacon??!!  But not only did it have bacon, it was packed full of protein and healthy greens which makes me a happy nutritionist mom 🙂

Yes, we do eat bacon in or house.  It is not a regular weekly staple but we do eat it.  I look for a great product where the animals are ethically raised and only natural ingredients.

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