Blueberry Tea, Anyone?

Well last week, we let you know about a few of our favorite wines and today I am going to let you know about my favorite specialty Christmas drink.  

This drink is one that I like to have when it comes time to sit and relax after dinner or on Christmas morning while opening stockings and presents.  

Blueberry tea..

This is actually a special drink for me that reminds me of my Dad.  He would make this drink every year at Christmas for him and my Mom.  My Dad passed away 13 years ago, 2 weeks before Christmas so this drink conjures up so many memories for me, not to also mention that it is so tasty.  I love the aromas of the liqueurs and they waft out of the brandy glass.  

This drink is so easy to make and even easier to drink. 

Check out my  ‘How to’..

Recipe:  Into a Brandy Snifter

Brewed Orange Pekoe tea

1 oz Grand Marnier

1 oz Amaretto

Top it off with a slice or a segment of an orange


Let us know what your favorite ‘specialty’ drink is for the holidays


DAVEY CROCKETT’S – Gluten Free Christmas Baking


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Feeding your Athlete: Spooktacular Sweet Potato Soup

Feeding your Athlete:  Spooktacular Sweet Potato Soup


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