Five Hostess Gifts Even Martha Would Love

Five Hostess Gifts Even Martha Would Love

The holidays are famous for busy evenings, brunch dates, and getting together with our favs.  Even if you don’t exchange gifts with your besties, you can’t show up empty handed to their holiday party and at Christmas, it seems flowers don’t cut it quite the way they do other times of the year.  I like to store a few “hostess” gifts in my front entry closet.  We often get invited to an impromptu evening of drinks and appies, or suddenly are reminded of someone we have forgotten on our list.   I try to be original and  a little fun with my gifts, and always try for the unexpected.  

Here are a few of my favs!

  1.  DRINK ROCKS – scotch being all the rage these days, nothing is more special than lifting a class with these special drink rocks.  They keep your drink cold, look beautiful, and no ice to dilute the drink. Special and unexpected – these are a great hostess gift.  


2.  FAMILY TIME CONVERSATION KIT – as a mom of teens, I know how hard we are always trying to get them to put down their phones and engage in conversation around the dinner table.  When going to a fellow “mom of teens” home, I love to bring this conversation kit.  Something fun, and unique to get the conversation going!



3.  HUNGRY FAN 3 IN 1 THERMAL BAG – This is the perfect hostess gift.  Who has not been in the situation where they are off to a friend’s place for appie night, and you are frantically trying to find something to transport your food in that will keep it hot and survive the trip in the car.  This is just the ticket and is a GREAT gift to give to a girlfriend or bring to your book club gift exchange.  As an added bonus, this bag also doubles as a cooler, or can act as a slow cooker for up to 6 hours!!  No oven or outlet needed…



Find it HERE

4.  DAMMIT DOLL – I’m often wondering what the neighbour is thinking when I loose my shit and freak out over something that is going on in our house… quite frankly, I don’t know a mom (or dad) that doesn’t need this frustration removal doll.  From the retailer, “Whenever things don’t go so well, and you want to hit the wall and yell, here’s a little Dammit Doll, that you can’t live without. Just grasp it firmly by the legs and find a place to slam it. And as you whack the stuffing out yell DAMMIT! DAMMIT! DAMMIT!”

Wouldn’t this be a cool gift to show up with when you stop at a friend’s for drinks??  Available at one of our fav cool local shops, Liz and Lottie.


Buy it HERE

5.  WINE CONDOMS – Drink responsibly – use a condom for wine!!  These are by FAR my fav gift I have found this year.  Plan on getting “lucky” with your next glass of merlot or chardonnay?  Wine Condoms, like regular condoms, can be slipped in your pocket or purse and taken anywhere! Great for restaurants and party leftovers, too!  You have to admit, if you show up at your next party with these, you will be the star gift giver.  Side note – perhaps not totally appropriate for a teacher gift.  LOL


Find them HERE

So – now you are ready – pick a few of these gifts up, wrap them beautifully and unique (perhaps in a festive tea towel, or bar towel) and secure with a fun bow.  Store them safely for that next holiday party – when you get that impromptu invite, you are ready!  

We have been busy in the Mojo and Moxie kitchen these days… stay tuned next week for my “make ahead” Christmas morning breakfast!  Get it done with us and Christmas morning you can have that extra Bailey’s in your coffee! 🙂 



Blueberry Tea, Anyone?

Well last week, we let you know about a few of our favorite wines and today I am going to let you know about my favorite specialty Christmas drink.  

This drink is one that I like to have when it comes time to sit and relax after dinner or on Christmas morning while opening stockings and presents.  

Blueberry tea..

This is actually a special drink for me that reminds me of my Dad.  He would make this drink every year at Christmas for him and my Mom.  My Dad passed away 13 years ago, 2 weeks before Christmas so this drink conjures up so many memories for me, not to also mention that it is so tasty.  I love the aromas of the liqueurs and they waft out of the brandy glass.  

This drink is so easy to make and even easier to drink. 

Check out my  ‘How to’..

Recipe:  Into a Brandy Snifter

Brewed Orange Pekoe tea

1 oz Grand Marnier

1 oz Amaretto

Top it off with a slice or a segment of an orange


Let us know what your favorite ‘specialty’ drink is for the holidays


Teens and Traditions…keeping the holiday’s special

Teens and Traditions…keeping the holiday’s special

As our teens are heading into adulthood, and we are heading full bore into the holiday season, I have been thinking about family traditions and sustainability of these traditions as our teens become adults.  As a person who grew up with the holidays steeped in tradition,  there is comfort for me in tradition and in this way of doing the holidays.  I dislike change for the most part, and I like to have a real handle on how things are going to go over the few precious days we have as a family.  To others, this could feel rigid, controlling and intense.  Yup – I think this might be the perfect description of myself.  GULP.  Is this the way my teens see me, and our traditions?
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