Matcha Creme Brulee Dessert

Matcha Creme Brulee Dessert

Fun fact about Danni..I am not really a dessert person. I would pass on the sweets for a salty chip any day. Although if that dessert happens to be Creme Brulee, then bring it on. So as St. Patrick’s Day approaches, I was trying to think of a green food, that I would love with out the green food colouring. So why not a Matcha Creme Brulee dessert. Yum!

You would really be surprised at how easy this dessert is to make. With a name like ‘Creme Brulee’ (in my french accent), you would think it is difficult, but not so.

Lets Talk about Matcha

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Mother’s Day Lemon Shortbread Tarts

Mother’s Day Lemon Shortbread Tarts

Here we are – almost into mid May and Mother’s Day is right around the corner.  For those of you in denial, or still staring at the last remnants of snow in your yard, it is THIS WEEKEND!   In our house, logistically,  Mother’s Day is a bit of a challenge every year.  How do we see and celebrate all the moms in our family and do the day and them, justice?  My mom, my husband’s mom, our sister’s and brother’s wives, and of course – the most important mom, ME (!) Continue reading “Mother’s Day Lemon Shortbread Tarts”

Unforgettable Easter Sides – The Asparagus Feta Crustless Tart

Asparagus Feta Crustless Tart

Finally it is Spring! Nothing like the sweet smell of rain in the air – mixed with the pungent smell of aged dog poo and dust. Hmmm – that made a dark turn fast… lol.

Actually… where we are, spring is one of those seasons that may just come for a day or two – sandwiched between an unexpected snowfall and bizarre “drinks on the patio” warmth. The one thing spring does bring is the hope of warmer weather, longer days, and the introduction of the long awaited fresh, local produce in the grocery store. If you are like me, by this time of year you are itching to put those heavy wintery dishes aside for a few months and welcome in the fresh light meals that seem to accompany the warmer weather.

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