Times are a Changing… Summer with Young Adults

Times are a Changing… Summer with Young Adults

It has really hit me this year. Summer is so different with Young Adults in the house. Unfortunately, although things have been changing subtly for the past several years, somehow this year has been the hardest for me. Perhaps it is because our youngest is now “really” independent, fully into her teens and our boys are actually adults. I guess we are realizing there is no looking back.

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Easy Refreshing Summer Beverages

Easy Refreshing Summer Beverages

The one thing I love about summer is being able to sit on our back deck, enjoying the sun while also enjoying a refreshing summer beverage.

Now Christine and I have been known to enjoy the occasional glass of wine or two, but if the right summer cocktail comes along, who are we to say no 😉

And did you know you can enjoy a summer cocktail with health benefits..Beverages with benefits, we call them. What could you add to your drink to give you some health benefit…Kombucha, our favourite probiotic drink.

What is Kombucha?

Kombucha, for those who have never had it, is a fermented drink made from black or green tea with the help of a ‘scoby’ (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast)..Sounds yummy doesn’t it??!! I won’t get into the full science behind fermentation but it is a natural process that yields healthy bacteria beneficial to our gut health.

Once the fermentation process begins, you can add natural and fruit flavorings to enhance this drink. The fermentation process will make this drink ‘fizzy’. So for those who like the carbonated drinks, this a great healthier alternative.

Benefits of Kombucha

With kombucha, (or ‘buch’ as some call it), being fermented it is full of natural bacteria which is so helpful for our digestive systems.

It is known that a healthy gut is very beneficial to a healthier you!

Kombucha also has antioxidants which come from the black or green tea as well as some B vitamins.

Now kombucha may not be for everyone but I have incorporated this fizzy drink into some summertime fun that might just change your mind.

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The BEST “Stampede BBQ” Menu EVER

The BEST “Stampede BBQ” Menu EVER

Let’s set the scene

Stampede is coming, and if you live in YYC, this is supposed to be a BIG DEAL. If you don’t live in CALGARY, you may not have heard of our 10 day rodeo / drinking debauchery exhibition but most likely you have. Generally when I travel to other places and mention I am from Calgary, the Stampede is the thing most folks think of – that and the ’88 Olympics.

My experience with people and the Stampede is that they LOVE it, they HATE it, or they just plain forget that it is even happening. Realistically, if you don’t live close to the Stampede grounds, nor venture downtown you COULD pretend it’s not even happening. Of course, this doesn’t count every store window featuring bales of hay, painted on drawings of funny cowboys with oversized cowboy hats and casually running into a daily free pancake breakfast!

BUT, if you are not a huge lover of Stampede you can still embrace the Stampede season in your own way. As Danni and I now have “children” of drinking age, and their biggest fear is running into “mom and dad” line dancing at the beer tent, creating a fun “over 40” Stampede showdown at home, is really in everyone’s best interest… 🙂

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