Our Top 10 Reads for Summer

Our Top 10 Reads for Summer

Creating a list of “Top 10 Reads” is always tricky – especially for summer. For some reason, summer always brings out the worst in my book choices. I think it harkens back to my years spent in school. I spent so much time reading “good” literature, and at many times, books that were really a slog. So when summer hit, I broke out the Danielle Steele. Well, not quite, but I really preferred the stereotypical, mindless beach read. It was fun, I could put it down at any time and it didn’t involve much brain power. Never fear, this list does not have Danielle Steele on it, but it might have one or two beach reads you can take to the lake. Danni and I have each contributed five books we love, or are sitting on our nightstand waiting for us. Here is our list of top 10 reads to check out this summer. You might just find a little something you like.

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Hot and Spicy..I am talking about Salsa


Growing up in the Okanagan Valley, we were lucky to have our own garden and fruit trees of plenty at our finger tips and every year to savour the harvest, my mom would preserve or can the fruits and vegetable to be enjoyed for the rest of the year.  Our cold room in the basement was always full of every kind of pickle you can imagine (dill pickles, onion pickles, pickled beets, sweet pickles), canned tomatoes for soups or sauces, and canned fruit (peaches, pears, cherries).  A craft that her mother taught her and was passed down to me. The memories of the whole family getting involved pitting cherries, peeling peaches, peeling and dicing tomatoes.

I can still see my Dad sitting on the front deck, enjoying the sun, peeling those little silver skinned onions for the batch of pickled onions. 🙂

Farmers markets around the city are full of the local harvest at this time and I usually spend the first few weeks in September replenishing my pantry.

So recently my mom was visiting, and we decided to make a batch of salsa.  Another great way of preserving vegetables..

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S’mores Squares

S’mores Squares

Summer.  Doesn’t the word just illicit thoughts of endless days, popsicles, sprinklers, warm nights – the sound of kids laughter carried along the breeze?  When the kids were younger it was visits to the Zoo.  It was trips to parks and the sound of the ice cream truck.  As they get older, I am frequently reminded of my fav book when I was a young teen “Are you there God, It’s Me Margaret?” and those opening chapters when life as a young girl was so simple, yet fraught with the issues of adolescence.    Don’t we all want to live in this fairy-tale version of summer?  Now we hope for a moment with a beach read, BBQ’s, a cold beer after a game of golf, or an amazing rosé  on the patio with a girlfriend.  AHHH, Summer… Continue reading “S’mores Squares”