Menopause and Bladder Leaks

Menopause and Bladder Leaks

You may have noticed over the last several months that we have been peppering the blog with various signs and symptoms of menopause. Well, today we discuss menopause and bladder leaks. Not a sexy topic to be sure, but unfortunately, bladder leaks are something that many women will deal with as they head into menopause.

Scared of grabbing the jump rope for cardio? Don’t want to jump on the trampoline with your kids anymore? Need to cross your legs when you sneeze? Guess what? You’ve got company and it feels good to know others are going through what you are, right?

Menopause and Bladder Leaks
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How to use Maca for Hormone Balancing

How to use Maca for Hormone Balancing

I don’t know about you, but this hormone balancing act is exhausting. Things change so quickly and there is so much information out there. What might work for one person, might not work for the next. For me it is a lot of trial and error and I love to read about and try new things that give some health benefit. Today’s herb of choice is Maca. Have you heard of Maca? The Maca plant is grown in the Andes of central Peru and Peruvians have used maca for years . I have been researching how to use maca for hormone balancing. Which happens to be one of the many benefits of this plant.

So what exactly is Maca?

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Are you there God? Its me Menopause

Are you there God?  Its me Menopause

How many of you remember the classic book by Judy Blume, Are you there God? Its me, Margaret. The story of a prepubescent girl, Margaret and the trials and tribulations of growing up. Boys, bras and periods. I think there should a book called – Are you there God? Its me Menopause. Mood swings, peezing and hot flashes.

In the original book, Margaret would secretly talk to God about her feelings of growing up, her emotions and religion. But if this was a book written for the perimenopause/menopause women, I think it would be more like – Are you there God, its me Menopause and why they hell am I feeling this way. And is it normal.

It would go like this…

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