Lets chat about our ‘Ladies’ – Breast Health Awareness

Lets chat about our ‘Ladies’ – Breast Health Awareness

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month so I figure we should chat about it. Breasts, boobs, boobys, knockers, peepers. Whatever you call them, let’s chat about our ‘ladies’ and breast health awareness.

Breast health is so important and being preventative in any way will help us to lessen our chances of any breast disease including cancer.

This blog post is to remind you of the things to do for preventative health. Hopefully most of them you are already aware of and practice daily.

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The Connection Between Adrenal and Thyroid Health (Part 2)

Just over a month ago I posted ‘part 1 of the connection between adrenal and thyroid health’, of which was focused on our adrenals.  As I previously said in my last post, adrenals and thyroid are like best friends and need to be working together for optimal health.  They both supply essential hormones to the body.  If your adrenals become fatigued, the thyroid then steps up to release more hormones and if the thyroid becomes sluggish, the adrenals then release their hormones to make the body work.  When they both become out of balance because of being overused and not replenished correctly, we end up feeling tired, weak, depressed, unable to lose weight, (which then make us more depressed as we don’t have the energy to do anything about the weight), moodiness, hair loss, irregular menstrual cycles, and brain fog.

So today, I am going to chat about our thyroid and how to support it to help us feel our best.



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The Connection between Adrenal and Thyroid Health (Part 1)

Did you ever feel like once you turned 40 that your body started to fall apart.  Lets face it, we have put on some miles or should I say kilometres… When our car gets too many miles on it, we trade it in for a new one.  We can’t trade in our bodies.Well maybe on the outside we can upgrade ;), but not on the inside.


Are you frustrated with weight gain, fatigue, insomnia, cold hands and feet, or salt cravings?  These are symptoms that your thyroid and adrenals are not in balance.  Your thyroid gland and adrenal glands are like best friends and really need to be working optimally individually and together.. Sort of like PB and Jam , Beyonce and Jay-Z or Mojo and Moxie…  :).  They work on their own but they are so much better together..

Note:  This post is not to diagnose you in any way.  It is is bring awareness to how we listen to our bodies.  If you feel you need to delve further into your health, contact your natural health practitioner or medical doctor..

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