Care Packages for Your University Student

Care Packages for Your University Student

It’s almost November, and if you have a child in post secondary, get ready.  This is the month when it all gets HARD.  

There are three reasons November sucks in the life of a student.  

The excitement and novelty of being away from home has worn off
Christmas seems REALLY far away
Things are ramping up at school like crazy.  The work load finally starts to kick in, and it can seem insurmountable

So to celebrate this “awesome” time for our young adults we decided to give some examples of care packages for your university student.

I decided to name this care package:  


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This year lets go easier on ourselves…

This year lets go easier on ourselves…

I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been struggling lately with the realization that our kids are almost grown and how the dynamic in our household is subtly changing each year. With that struggle comes a little bit of self doubt. I wonder if we taught them everything they are going to need to know as adults. I question whether, with all my faults, I was a “good enough” mom.

But I recently had an experience that helped change that narrative in my brain and I’ve decided to share just in case any of you suffer from similar insecurities.

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A Twist on Date Nights

A Twist on Date Nights

A twist on date nights. Have you gotten to that time in your life when the kids are no longer filling your schedule? Or maybe you are just looking for a few nights or days a month to reconnect with your partner.

This September my husband and I found ourselves in a time of our life where we have not been in about 20 years.. With A LOT of spare time on our hands. Not quite empty nesters, but darn close.

Bam! All at once, we had one child leave home and one child in Grade 12, who also decided that she no longer wanted to continue in her sport. So that now frees up our weeknights and weekends where we would once have been involved in driving, coaching and cheering our kids on.

So I have compiled some ideas for date nights or date days to get us and you out of the house.

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