Five Reasons You Should Take Up Golf Now

Five Reasons You Should Take Up Golf Now

I confess, although I starting golfing as a young teen, and continued sporadically as my kids grew up, I am JUST coming back from a hiatus from the golf course. My recent new love for the game is compelling me to share five reasons you should take up golf now!

My golf “career” started as a teen, when my dad would take me out with my brother to golf when we were on summer holidays. I was pretty awful, and my favourite part of the game was hitting the snack shack after nine holes. There, I could get the most delicious smokie covered in mustard and sauerkraut and all was right with the world. I persisted with the game, (as an attempt to find the best hotdog maybe?) eventually playing with boyfriends and eventually my husband.

Prior to having kids, we enjoyed quite a few golf holidays – playing 7 games in 7 days and trying courses all over North America. Let me reiterate, I was pretty terrible but golf had grown on me and I loved it.

When we had our children, I kept up with golf, joining a ladies league at our golf course, and using the time as a much needed break during those pre-school / toddler years. But, gradually – as the kids grew – so did my discomfort with golf. Not the playing it so much, but the time it took to play.

I no longer could justify 5 hours away – nor could I find 5 hours in a row where I wasn’t needed driving here and there to various activities and / or prepping meals etc. to get the kids ready for said activities. Those years – when your kids are really busy with sports or music or dance – and don’t yet have their driver’s license, are some of the busiest. I didn’t even work outside the home! I bow down to those of you that maintained a full time job as well.

So golf took a backseat – a very backseat. In fact, there were years I didn’t pick up a club even once. Oddly, even on holidays, I would bow out and let the”guys” go – always finding an excuse or a reason I couldn’t golf.

And to be quite honest – I really had no desire or urge to either. Golf became something my husband did, not something I did. Looking back, I really can’t explain it.

This year though, I had an epiphany. It was time to take those 4 1/2 hours and get myself out of the house. Boy, am I glad I did! Now, I can share with you my five reasons you should take up golf now!

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Some of Our Favourite Blogs

Some of Our Favourite Blogs

It is hard to believe that is has been almost 2 years since Christine and I started this blogging adventure – Mojo and Moxie. What started out as a casual discussion over a few glasses a wine has turned into building of a community of women that we have met in person and online. When we began our planning process, we researched and read lots of blogs. So here are some of our favourite blogs that you may be interested in.

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Revelations from an Almost Empty Nester

Revelations from an Almost Empty Nester

You know that saying ‘Be careful what you wish for’? We joke as parents that we can’t wait until our kids are out of the house. With one child away at school. One very independent almost 18 year old. I am now trying to take back those words. Revelations from an Almost Empty Nester.

Most would describe an empty nest as that point where your children have grown and left home to not move back in. But you can become ‘almost empty nesters’ when your kids move away for school to come back part time. Or when you have kids/young adults still living at home while working or going to school. And really they are just using your water, electricity, food and bed.

This last September our household had a dramatic change. One leaving to go away for school and one basically on her own living schedule. To be honest, at first I really enjoyed not being busy and scheduled on weekdays and weekends. But now four months in, I am finding that an empty calendar and somewhat empty home is well..a little scary.

Empty nesters, no what?
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