How to Host a ‘Chopped’ Cocktail Party

How to Host a ‘Chopped’ Cocktail Party

If you are an avid watcher of the Food Network, you may have watched a program called CHOPPED. This is where chefs get a basket of mystery items that they must use in their recipe. Hmm. Can we do this with cocktails instead? Well, yes you can. Here are the tips on How to Host a Chopped Cocktail Party.

Recently we had a virtual cocktail party with friends from near and far that could not get together in person and decided to play an adult drinking game. This would also work very well at a non-virtual cocktail party or even an adult birthday party. You could even incorporate non-alcoholic beverages into this game if you so desire. It is very adaptable. Either alcoholic or not, this is a great and fun way to have an interactive cocktail party.

Who knows, you may even create the next best cocktail trend.

How to Host a CHOPPED Cocktail Party:

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Our Top 5 Reads on Menopause

Our Top 5 Reads on Menopause

Why you need our Top 5 Reads on Menopause…

Being at home a little more than usual is making us all a little stir crazy. But, if you are experiencing symptoms of perimenopause, you might feel not just sitr crazy but actually… CRAZY.

I know, I know – google menopause, or perimenpause and you get endless results, but we are OLD SCHOOL around here and love the feel of a fresh new book, or a new addition to our Kindle. We also read magazines, and essays. Yes kids, MAGAZINES!

That being said, If you are looking for some new resources on “the change” why not check out our top 5 reads on menopause.

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Online Mother’s Day Gift Idea’s

Online Mother’s Day Gift Idea’s

It seems early to be thinking about Mother’s Day but. let’s just say it… things are all screwed up in our world right now – and this year you are probably going to need some online Mother’s Day gift ideas in order to celebrate MOM in the way she deserves.

I don’t know about you, but Easter kinda snuck up on me. I really didn’t get to take advantage of purchasing my typical Easter fare because I was so far behind the 8 ball with dealing with our new / temporary “normal!”

AH – but now I’m ready and said to Danni this week – if we are going to do something for Mother’s Day, we really should be putting together online Mother’s Day gift ideas NOW so we all receive our packages in time.

We’ve tried to include a mix of local, national and mainstream items Mom will love.

SO – in the words of Babe (one of my fav characters on Grace and Frankie) :

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