Skincare Tips for Women over 40

Skincare Tips for Women over 40

It was almost like a switch went off. When I turned 40, so many things about my body changed. But what I noticed the most was my skin. It became drier, I noticed more fine lines and wrinkles and I started to get more hormonal breakouts on my face. We are always looking for skincare tips for women over 40. Skincare is an ever changing field as there are always new products and new treatments being developed.

There are so many questions about how to help our skin look healthy and youthful. We know that because we asked and skincare was a topic you (our readers) wanted more information on.

We are all very different when it comes to our skincare. What product works best for you might not work best for the lady sitting beside you. Of course there are the most common ways of keeping your skin healthy that we all can do.

  • Stay Hydrated
  • Wear Sunscreen
  • Moisturize
  • Eat Healthy

But for some more specific skincare tips for women over 40, we have enlisted the help of Leah – Founder of the Skin Shop and Certified Facial Therapist.

Here are a few of Leah’s tips for over 40 skincare.

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Revelations from an Almost Empty Nester

Revelations from an Almost Empty Nester

You know that saying ‘Be careful what you wish for’? We joke as parents that we can’t wait until our kids are out of the house. With one child away at school. One very independent almost 18 year old. I am now trying to take back those words. Revelations from an Almost Empty Nester.

Most would describe an empty nest as that point where your children have grown and left home to not move back in. But you can become ‘almost empty nesters’ when your kids move away for school to come back part time. Or when you have kids/young adults still living at home while working or going to school. And really they are just using your water, electricity, food and bed.

This last September our household had a dramatic change. One leaving to go away for school and one basically on her own living schedule. To be honest, at first I really enjoyed not being busy and scheduled on weekdays and weekends. But now four months in, I am finding that an empty calendar and somewhat empty home is well..a little scary.

Empty nesters, no what?
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Will They Clean? Cleaning Tips for Your Teens and Young Adults Who Have Moved Out

Will They Clean?  Cleaning Tips for Your Teens and Young Adults Who Have Moved Out

With our oldest sons moving into their own apartments in September while they are attending University, we as moms tend to worry about them eating healthy, getting enough sleep/exercise, studying and of all things…Will they clean??!!

Did you happen to catch Christine’s post a few months back on Ten Things Your Teens Should Know Before Leaving Home? Well one of the items she talked about was teaching them to clean before leaving home.

We know they do not like to clean at home, which is obvious if you have walked into your teen or young adult children’s bedroom and if their rooms are any insight , we have a big job on our hands to teach and provide some guidance on cleaning.

Most commonly heard in our home ‘Can you please pick your clothes up off the floor and MAYBE do some laundry..’

So we have enlisted the help of our friend and local business owner, Mariya of AM Cleaning Calgary to help us with tips and tricks to a quick and easy clean PLUS provide us with an Express Guide to Cleaning theBathroom.

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