Three NEW Hormone Balancing Smoothies

Three NEW Hormone Balancing Smoothies

January brings all things healthy and virtuous to the forefront – so we are doing our part with three hormone balancing smoothies to kick off the new year.

It seems we are programmed to think about a healthy start to the new year – goals and or resolutions are made and promises to eat more greens and add healthy new items to our diets get added to our “to-do” list.

In that vein, as we age we are also fighting our hormones and dealing with the onset of menopause in addition to dealing with our teens fighting their own hormonal battles 🙂

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Lets chat about our ‘Ladies’ – Breast Health Awareness

Lets chat about our ‘Ladies’ – Breast Health Awareness

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month so I figure we should chat about it. Breasts, boobs, boobys, knockers, peepers. Whatever you call them, let’s chat about our ‘ladies’ and breast health awareness.

Breast health is so important and being preventative in any way will help us to lessen our chances of any breast disease including cancer.

This blog post is to remind you of the things to do for preventative health. Hopefully most of them you are already aware of and practice daily.

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Collagen – What is it and Why we need it

Collagen – What is it and Why we need it

Ladies, we are at that age (over 40) when we start to see more fine lines on our faces, hair is thinning and getting out of a chair brings the sounds of snap, crackle and pop! One of the reasons for this is COLLAGEN or the lack of it.

Collagen is the ‘glue’ that makes up a huge percentage of our skin, bones, muscles and tendons and this vital protein decreases as we age. Around the age of 25 we start to see a natural decline in our collagen levels and women see a drastic decline after menopause.

Yah for menopause!!

The following factors will contribute to a faster collagen decline:

  • High sugar consumption
  • Smoking
  • Sunlight

But did you know that we can help lessen the decrease and help increase our collagen stores naturally??

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