Paleo, Keto, Intermittent Fasting..Which one is for you?

Well here we are 2 weeks into January and have you given up on your resolutions yet? You know the ones…I am going to exercise more, eat better, give up wine!!! Nope, not me..(Well it helps that I don’t make resolutions ) 🙂

As fore mentioned, one of the things many ‘resolve’ to do at the start of a new year is eat better. After the month of December, where we tend to over indulge, January is a welcome sight to get back on track. I will agree with that! It is also the time of year when the new health and wellness craze will start and this usually means a new diet of some sort to it Paleo, Keto or the all new Intermittent Fasting…(just to name a few). My post today is to de-mystify these diets to help you decide if they are something you want to try. There are pros and cons to each and every person will respond differently to each of them as well. The information on these ‘diets’ is endless..

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Its Cold and Flu Season

Well it is that time of year ….. yep, cold and flu season. This always happens around the end of September lasting until around March.  The kids have been back at school for a month or so and passing germs from one another and we tend to be staying inside more due to weather, where germs and bacteria breed.  Holiday celebrations have started with Thanksgiving weekend, Halloween coming and soon all those Christmas functions.  Hugging, kissing, hand shakes, coughs and sneezes..all the ways that germs get spread as we gather for these celebrations.

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I am a huge proponent of maintaining a healthy immune system so that our bodies can naturally fight off these cold and flu germs. Being preventative will take you a long way. So today’s post is all about how you to be preventative and help your body naturally fight off those nasty bugs.

Disclaimer: These may not always be successful and you may even get a couple colds this season or even the flu but these tips may help each be less severe.

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Cookies for Breakfast? On your mark, get set, GO…

Clean Breakfast Cookies
Clean Breakfast Cookies your kids will love

“Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines!!!”  Back to school – TODAY!!!  I don’t know about you – but as much as I can’t wait for the summer to begin, I am always just as anxious for September.  I crave routine – in all areas of my life.  My bedtimes, my workouts, and even my meals.  I love to set expectations in my head for how the day is going to go and “check, check, check” as the day goes along.  YAY September – lets get into the groove again! Continue reading “Cookies for Breakfast? On your mark, get set, GO…”