Our Top 10 Reads for Summer

Our Top 10 Reads for Summer

Creating a list of “Top 10 Reads” is always tricky – especially for summer. For some reason, summer always brings out the worst in my book choices. I think it harkens back to my years spent in school. I spent so much time reading “good” literature, and at many times, books that were really a slog. So when summer hit, I broke out the Danielle Steele. Well, not quite, but I really preferred the stereotypical, mindless beach read. It was fun, I could put it down at any time and it didn’t involve much brain power. Never fear, this list does not have Danielle Steele on it, but it might have one or two beach reads you can take to the lake. Danni and I have each contributed five books we love, or are sitting on our nightstand waiting for us. Here is our list of top 10 reads to check out this summer. You might just find a little something you like.

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Our Top Hacks for Reducing Food Waste in the Home

April is Earth Month and that gets us all thinking on how we can help the keep the earth healthy for many more generations to come. We can do that by using the three R’s…Reuse, Recycle and Reduce. I know we have all done our best by recycling with the help of curbside pick up that is now offered by our local municipalities. We try to be more mindful to reuse as many things over again, rather then run out and buy new items. But today we are going to focus on reducing by providing some of our favourite hacks on reducing food waste in the home.


  • 58% of all food in Canada is either lost, wasted or thrown away
  • Annually this accounts for $1700 per year per household
  • When we throw food into the landfill, it creates a methane gas which is actually more damaging to our environment than carbon dioxide

So here are some hacks. Try one every month to help reduce your food waste.

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Family Days … Floating the Bow with your Teens

Family Days … Floating the Bow with your Teens

What to do…what to do…

This summer, our family will be spread over various parts of the world as they explore their passions, work and travel.  Our eldest, who will head to university in the fall and really needs to work full time, has chosen to stay home all summer to do just that.  Our son T just left for Africa – a 5 week long trip blending two grade 12 courses with amazing travel experiences and volunteering and our daughter will be dancing all over North America during the summer months.

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