Mother’s Day Lemon Shortbread Tarts

Mother’s Day Lemon Shortbread Tarts

Here we are – almost into mid May and Mother’s Day is right around the corner.  For those of you in denial, or still staring at the last remnants of snow in your yard, it is THIS WEEKEND!   In our house, logistically,  Mother’s Day is a bit of a challenge every year.  How do we see and celebrate all the moms in our family and do the day and them, justice?  My mom, my husband’s mom, our sister’s and brother’s wives, and of course – the most important mom, ME (!) Continue reading “Mother’s Day Lemon Shortbread Tarts”

Found! The Perfect Chocolate Cake

Found!   The Perfect Chocolate Cake
The Best Chocolate Cake - from Ina Garten!
The Best Chocolate Cake – thanks Ina Garten!

Do you ever get a craving for the perfect chocolate cake? Moist, and chocolatey but not too sweet? For years, I have made the Best of Bridge Super Chocolate Cake and I think it is the perfect recipe. It has been my go-to when I need or want (!) a no fail dessert that everyone loves.

Continue reading “Found! The Perfect Chocolate Cake”