Valentines Day and Chocolate Cake

The other day, I was getting this blog post prepared and having a discussion on Valentines Day with my family. My son mentioned, “remember when we would have steak and lobster for dinner?..Can we do that again? Sure!!

Many years ago my husband and I decided that we would forego the typical Valentines Day date night and make it an in home dinner with the kids. We would make something special that we do not typically eat. So we picked lobster and hey why not get you kids aged 4 and 6 hooked on lobster. ;).. The best part of the dinner was always dessert and I would make everyone their own heart shaped chocolate cake..

And this is where my cake story begins….

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So Yummy – Nanaimo Bars..Ssshh they are gluten free

So I tend to have a habit of taking yummy treats, you know those not so healthy treats and try to make them ‘healthier’.  Although when I do this, I keep it a secret in my home or I get groans and moans of ‘Why..why must you change a good thing’.  Then when they try, they will never now..Sneaky!!

But I think in this case, I have mastered a treat that no one would even know is less sugar and gluten free.  The Nanaimo Bar……


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DAVEY CROCKETT’S – Gluten Free Christmas Baking


My Post-4.jpgI don’t know about you, but I grew up in a Christmas wonderland.  Not only was the house decorated from tip to tail but my mom also baked every imaginable Christmas cookie on the planet.  Butter tarts, sugar cookies, wreaths, snowballs, double chocolate chip cookies, Christmas trees (really, it went on and on).  You get it.  Those were the days when Christmas baking really was a THING.  Now, for the most part we lament that the Christmas baking goes uneaten in the freezer, OR shouldn’t be eaten and is just laden with guilt. Continue reading “DAVEY CROCKETT’S – Gluten Free Christmas Baking”