The Great Canadian Poutine Bar – a Canada Day menu for a crowd

The Great Canadian Poutine Bar – a Canada Day menu for a crowd

It’s HERE! SUMMER!! Time to celebrate with your friends and family. Gather your favourite people, because Danni and I have created the perfect Canada Day menu for a crowd.

Canada Day Long weekend always feels like the start of the summer for us because without a doubt, May Long has not produced the beautiful, summer- like temps we all are anticipating. I have to say, there is nothing like the first “freedom weekend” of summer to pull out all the stops. Not only are we celebrating Canada’s birthday but also, the fact that the kids are done exams and carefree for two entire months.

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Candy Bars

Now that I have your attention, I will let you know, these are healthy candy bars!!

Healthy Snacks - Clean Candy Bar

There are so many times when I struggle at home to find and make snacks that are healthy but that my family will also eat. You make the same old muffins, cookies and loaves and you know everyone is getting tired of them when even the teens won’t eat them anymore. So, here I am again trying a new recipe with great hopes that everyone will like it and devour with a ‘Hey, this is really good’. !! Fingers crossed.

I know I have made a recipe from this book before – It’s all Good by Gwenyth Paltrow, (Super Salmon Burgers) and have always wanted to try the ‘Candy Bars’.. Well not really candy bars but they sound good and enticing, so why not.. Who doesn’t like a candy bar ( without the candy).

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Valentines Day and Chocolate Cake

Valentines Day and Chocolate Cake

The other day, I was getting this blog post prepared and having a discussion on Valentines Day with my family. My son mentioned, “remember when we would have steak and lobster for dinner?..Can we do that again? Sure!!

Many years ago my husband and I decided that we would forego the typical Valentines Day date night and make it an in home dinner with the kids. We would make something special that we do not typically eat. So we picked lobster and hey why not get you kids aged 4 and 6 hooked on lobster. ;).. The best part of the dinner was always dessert and I would make everyone their own heart shaped chocolate cake..

And this is where my cake story begins….

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