Finding My Passion


This quote has made me think about, What is my Passion?.  I know many are thinking the same thing.

Here I am in my late 40’s, a wife and mom of 2 teenagers.  I was so blessed to be a Stay at Home Mom, full time for 12 years.  Being this kind of mom was what I always wanted to do, wholeheartedly.

My husband and I made the choice together that I would be at home for as long as I wanted or was needed.  So around the age my oldest was 12, I went back to work part time, limited hours so that I could get outside the home but still available for the family.  My family always came first.  So when I read this quote, I realize that my passion probably did get buried beneath other people’s needs and after all this time I still find it so hard to put my needs first.  The kids are older now as teenagers and aren’t needing me to as much to drive them places or do things for them so I am now trying to figure out my passion again.


My family will still always fulfill me but I would like to find myself again.  I tell my kids to ‘find that passion’ and work hard at it but what kind of role model am I if I can’t find my own passion again.  Am I failing them, by failing myself?  Some days I find myself forcing things that are not there.  (that square peg just will not go into that round hole).

Back to the quote, as moms we commonly put aside out own journey to provide for our family, create memories and watch out children thrive but at some point they need to watch us thrive as well.


I know I will find that buried passion again, and I need to let myself know it is okay to focus on me again and you do too!!