Planning for Life After High School Graduation

Planning for Life After High School Graduation

I am sure there isn’t one high school senior who hasn’t heard the question..What are you planning to do after high school graduation?

Heck, they probably hear this question a million times (well I exaggerate), since about Grade 10 from family, friends and teachers.

Why do we keep asking our children this?

I ask this because I recently had this discussion with my daughter, who is currently in grade 12 and is bombarded with this question in her daily life, directly and indirectly. And it is stressing her out! To be quite honest, it is stressing me out too!!

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Halloween Bat Wings

Halloween Bat Wings

I have a confession to make. I actually HATE Halloween.

I hate dressing up.

I hate having all that temptation (read: bite size chocolate bars I end up eating 20 of) in the house.

I hate anything scary, or gruesome.

I’m not a fan of fake blood

AND, I’m super not into how on Halloween everyone seems to think they can turn any profession into something “sexy.” ie. Sexy nurse, sexy cop, sexy prison inmate… REALLY??

But, as a mom I have embraced the Halloween season with as much joy as I could muster for my kids. I decorate the house with fun – not scary Halloween decor and make cute bags of goodies for the dwindling numbers of trick or treaters.

On a side note, one thing I DO love about Halloween is seeing all the littles dressed up – parents following closely behind, carrying pillow cases filled with candy.

Our kids are older now – with two in university, they do their parties and costumes on their own and trick or treating with mom and dad has long gone by the wayside. Many of our Halloween traditions have faded away, but one remains. Every year I make Halloween BAT WINGS as our meal.

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Care Packages for Your University Student

Care Packages for Your University Student

It’s almost November, and if you have a child in post secondary, get ready.  This is the month when it all gets HARD.  

There are three reasons November sucks in the life of a student.  

The excitement and novelty of being away from home has worn off
Christmas seems REALLY far away
Things are ramping up at school like crazy.  The work load finally starts to kick in, and it can seem insurmountable

So to celebrate this “awesome” time for our young adults we decided to give some examples of care packages for your university student.

I decided to name this care package:  


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