My Teen Asked to Have a Party, Now What?

My daughter turned 17 last month and the one thing she wanted was to have a party with her friends. And yes Mom, there will be drinking involved, underage drinking.

Now I understand that we all parent different and we all have views and values on what we would do with this issue and I know there will be some who strongly disagree with me and that is your prerogative.

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Spring Breakin’ in Scottsdale – Checking out the “new” Phoenician Resort with our teens

The Phoenician in Scottsdale, Spring Break

Any vacay after your teens turn 14 can be a challenge. They don’t want to be seen with you, they only want their friends and their phone, and somehow they feel like they are missing out on all the excitement back home. As a parent of teens, this just frustrates the hell out of me. My inside voice says, “are you frickin’ kidding me?? We are going away, on a holiday…you know – time by the pool, time to relax, time to connect.” BUT – guess what, they don’t give a rats ass about those things. My son actually said to me this year – well – I will GO, but we better not be going for the ENTIRE Spring Break, cause I want to see my friends too…


Any who – contrary to what our kids might want, we “ruined” their Spring Break this year with a 5 day trip to Scottsdale to check out the newly renovated Phoenician Resort. We have a long history with the Scottsdale area, and have not once stayed at this iconic resort. Mixed reviews, in addition to pictures of a slightly tired, old school style hotel had always turned me off selecting The Phoenician for our hotel of choice. But, this year, with the completion of an amazing 90 million dollar renovation, our family took the plunge. I have to say – I am so glad we did.

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Collagen – What is it and Why we need it

Ladies, we are at that age (over 40) when we start to see more fine lines on our faces, hair is thinning and getting out of a chair brings the sounds of snap, crackle and pop! One of the reasons for this is COLLAGEN or the lack of it.

Collagen is the ‘glue’ that makes up a huge percentage of our skin, bones, muscles and tendons and this vital protein decreases as we age. Around the age of 25 we start to see a natural decline in our collagen levels and women see a drastic decline after menopause.

Yah for menopause!!

The following factors will contribute to a faster collagen decline:

  • High sugar consumption
  • Smoking
  • Sunlight

But did you know that we can help lessen the decrease and help increase our collagen stores naturally??

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