Talking to Your Teens about Taxes

“Mom, why do they take some much money off my pay cheque for this thing called taxes??”

As mentioned in a previous post, my son graduated high school in June, but decided to take a gap year to work before heading to post secondary. This year has been a huge learning curve and full of lessons for him as he is making his own money and purchasing things with his own money as well as taking on the responsibility of paying the monthly payment of his car insurance for his vehicle (which was a graduation present). While learning the value of a dollar, he has come to realize that money does not grow on trees and there is not an endless supply. Oh, the days of $5 here and $20 there from the Bank of Mom and Dad have come and gone. He has come to realize what is a want and what is a need and really does not like to part with his money. I think he likes the look of the dollar value in his bank account. 😉

So lets get back to the question posed earlier…’Mom, Why do they take some much money off my pay cheque for taxes?’ Yes, my boy, have you heard that phrase.

There are 2 certains in life…death and taxes

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Punta Mita – A hot place to chill

No matter what time of year, I dream of white sand beaches, relaxing poolside, or feeling warm air on my skin. January is always a tough month, so why not dream a little with me and my new favourite vacay spot, Punta Mita, Mexico? I will preface this blog by saying, previous to us finding Punta Mita, I was not a fan of vacationing in Mexico. Quite frankly, I was a baby – nervous about getting sick, safety, and of the many horror stories I had heard about the “Federales” and corruption. As much as the lure of kids clubs, and endless wine did draw us in a few times to the all- inclusive experience as a young family, I never returned from those vacations feeling rested and pampered but rather just, “glad to be back.” Several years ago though, we were lucky enough to have a business retreat in Punta Mita, Mexico and this is essentially when my love affair with this beautiful resort area began.

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Chicken Brie Sandwich – Lunch or Dinner

Not sure why sandwiches are such a big hit in our house but they are. Maybe all the flavor in one bite or that fact that we get to eat with our hands 😉

I have a few sandwich recipes in my repertoire that work great for a quick and easy dinner or even lunch. But this one is always the first one on the list.

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