While your teen goes to University.. Mine is taking a Gap Year

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You may have just dropped your son or daughter off at a university far from home and are getting used to the new normal of one less mouth to feed.  Maybe your child decided to stay at home and study at the local university or college or maybe, like my son, they decided to take a ‘gap year’.

Gap Year. Recently these two words have been used, thought about, and planned around more than ever, but what is a gap year actually?  Most people understand a gap year to be time spent post-graduation before pursuing more schooling, jobs or other exciting opportunities. In some cases, it may mean traveling, getting a job ... Read More »

From about Grade 10 ( or maybe even earlier), our children start getting asked the question..  ‘What do you want to do after you graduate?’..  Which translated really means ‘What post secondary school are you choosing and what are you going to study?’  While there are many kids that know and have known forever what they want to do after high school, there are many that do not and this question can bring on some anxiety.  If they do not know what they want to do is there something wrong with that?  Are they letting themselves and the people around them down because they don’t know.. And the answer is NO.  In my opinion, there is a lot of pressure on kids to figure it out early and they think the ‘right’ thing to do is to head straight to post secondary but it might not be the right thing for them.

Taking a gap year is not a bad thing.  On the contrary, it can be very beneficial for some kids, if they have a plan for that year.  Sitting in their rooms and playing FortNite is not a plan…

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