Our Top Hacks for Reducing Food Waste in the Home

April is Earth Month and that gets us all thinking on how we can help the keep the earth healthy for many more generations to come. We can do that by using the three R’s…Reuse, Recycle and Reduce. I know we have all done our best by recycling with the help of curbside pick up that is now offered by our local municipalities. We try to be more mindful to reuse as many things over again, rather then run out and buy new items. But today we are going to focus on reducing by providing some of our favourite hacks on reducing food waste in the home.


  • 58% of all food in Canada is either lost, wasted or thrown away
  • Annually this accounts for $1700 per year per household
  • When we throw food into the landfill, it creates a methane gas which is actually more damaging to our environment than carbon dioxide

So here are some hacks. Try one every month to help reduce your food waste.

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