This year lets go easier on ourselves…

This year lets go easier on ourselves…

I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been struggling lately with the realization that our kids are almost grown and how the dynamic in our household is subtly changing each year. With that struggle comes a little bit of self doubt. I wonder if we taught them everything they are going to need to know as adults. I question whether, with all my faults, I was a “good enough” mom.

But I recently had an experience that helped change that narrative in my brain and I’ve decided to share just in case any of you suffer from similar insecurities.

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My Teen Asked to Have a Party, Now What?

My daughter turned 17 last month and the one thing she wanted was to have a party with her friends. And yes Mom, there will be drinking involved, underage drinking.

Now I understand that we all parent different and we all have views and values on what we would do with this issue and I know there will be some who strongly disagree with me and that is your prerogative.

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