Heartbreak Hotel – musings on surviving your teen’s first broken heart

“Summer lovin’ had me a blast – Summer lovin’ happened so fast…”

-Summer Nights, Grease

Anyone from “our” generation could sing this song in their sleep – right??  Isn’t it the song that just makes you think of summer romance, of teen first love, of John Travolta in a leather jacket??

Let’s all fantasize about the perfect young summer romance for just a second…

Were you thinking hand holding, midway rides with stolen kisses, late movies, and getting Dairy Queen?  Ok – well, maybe in the movie version….

The one thing I am willing to bet is that when you conjured up those long lost memories you didn’t think of the heartbreak that eventually followed –  because, unless you married the first person you dated (and I know it happens, but rarely) – you did experience heartbreak of some kind.  And it was horrible, awful, and gut wrenching. Continue reading “Heartbreak Hotel – musings on surviving your teen’s first broken heart”